Star Wars mod for Homeworld 2 now includes clone wars ships still in beta stages Think total annihilation and you'll know where the inspiration for the scope came from. Over 100 Star Wars ships taken from the entirety of official SW material (will not include fan created ships except in specific circumstances where gameplay requires a role to be filled) Most of the information is based off of star wars technical commentaries and many of the new ships are an attempt to catelogue the ships in dark empire Has settings for various SW eras and unit selection.

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Star Wars: Warlords May Motm

Star Wars: Warlords May Motm

May 15, 2005 Article 35 comments

Deep space Star Wars combat that pushes the Homeworld 2 engine to its max! Choose a side, and lead your fleet to victory in May's RTS Mod of the...

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Released Mar 31, 2015
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