Expanding Fronts is a massive modification for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds aimed to breathe life back into the classic LucasArts strategy game by adding various new units, features, and gameplay elements. Each of the 8 civilizations are being reworked and enhanced to make each feel more unique and authentic to the universe, while maintaining the classic Battlegrounds gameplay. In addition, the Scenario Editor is being filled with hundreds of new units, buildings, effects, triggers, and objects to allow campaign and scenario designers more freedom than ever before.

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Due to the numerous requests we've gotten throughout the course of our work to make the scale of units more accurate to their film/EU counterparts, we have decided to completely redo the graphics of SWGB, ensuring that every unit matches their canonical size. To demonstrate, We are showcasing the new AT-AT and Death Star graphics.

Not only will this much-requested alteration inflate our workload by a huge factor as we painstakingly rebuild each and every one of the original units and buildings from scratch, it ensures that the mod will be almost completely unplayable and impractical. Just like you wanted it to be!