From the makers of Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War, Ascendancy is a Star Wars mod set after the Battle of Endor in the Star Wars Galaxy. Fight for galactic ascendancy as multiple factions from this period in Star Wars history.

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Assuaging the Fears
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thanatos676 Oct 21 2014, 4:59pm says: Online

I honestly don't think this post was even warranted. The trolls who say that this mod is in dev hell are just that, trolls. They should be ignored imho.

I do think most of us who are following this mod are pretty excited about it but can be patient for it to come out in as polished a format as possible. Keep it up, every time I see this updated I go "ooh a piece of candy!"

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.Corey. Oct 21 2014, 5:02pm replied:

Normally that's the attitude we take. However, over the space of a few days we got about 15 comments saying the same thing between ModDB and even in the youtube comments on the trailer. I've even been getting emails about it lately.

This way, the majority of you who have been very patient and supportive get a chance to see exactly where we are in development and the high-tech way in which I manage the team, while I also get a standard copy-pasta I can just take onto any further comments. Everyone wins!

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JC123 Oct 21 2014, 5:50pm replied: Online

Do yourself a favor and ignore Youtube comments. They don't deserve responses.

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MrBaneblade Oct 21 2014, 6:38pm replied:

you SIR, you deserve a baneblade for this comment

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Trooper_ Oct 22 2014, 2:28am replied:

Needs more Dakka.

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wheelmandan Oct 22 2014, 4:07am replied:

will that good .darth .Corey. we see your working and Gul won't make you look at some lights and ask you how many are there.I would want this to be playable I want a game that working great with out "so many bugs" i mean there always going to be bugs's will im use to bugs, Time you will take learn the ways of the force yes time too take.

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Revan_127 Oct 21 2014, 7:44pm replied:

Completely support that, and even if the're not trolls, then I say: You don't like it? Fuc* Off and do your own mod, see how long that lasts... Everyone are so smart "You're doing that wrong, and that, and that, and you're to slow, and something else, and even a child would make a better mod" Well then as I said... FUC* YOU and make you're own mod if you're so smart you ******* ***** *********** ******* damned stupid smartass ****** ******* ******* *****!!!

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thanatos676 Oct 21 2014, 7:46pm replied: Online


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Revan_127 Oct 21 2014, 7:48pm replied:


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Revan_127 Oct 21 2014, 7:49pm replied:

Ok, maybe I did let the emotions get over me... a little...

But such people who say such things, make want to... well, they're ******* me off! Thinking that they know everything better than anyone else, and making comments like they think other people, and the world owes them for something! Well it doesn't!


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Shvidler Oct 21 2014, 5:09pm says:

Agreed, never doubted the development stopped in the first place. After making something like Thrawn's revenge you'd just dropped everything and left without warning? Give me a break.

I remember something similar about Star Trek Armada III during the early stages of it's develoment, those people were ignored pretty much the same.

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OminousSpudd Oct 21 2014, 5:11pm says:

Le Derp sees fricken awesome trailer... Makes comment about mod being in development hell.

The trolling is real.

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MrPerson Oct 21 2014, 5:15pm says:

Why can people not see that mods are not for profit and are being done in average people's spare time? Its not like they paid for it and are waiting for it to come out. Its free and a mod, be patient people!

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.Corey. Oct 21 2014, 5:16pm replied:

****, this is free? That must be way our money back guarantee for cut content wasn't super well received....

BRB getting real job.

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Garak(KillaBC) Oct 21 2014, 5:25pm says: Online

Keep on trucking mate, let them stew in their bile.

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Gul-Dukat(tech) Oct 22 2014, 3:28am says:

Must have been Bajorans....

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thanatos676 Oct 22 2014, 8:08am replied: Online

Totally was..

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Pokeman1280 Oct 22 2014, 9:55am says:

Something I'd like to say to the video game industry overall: Take your time, we don't want half-finished buggy pieces of crap on release. Don't mean to sound cynical, but I'm just saying I can wait for good things.

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grandadmiraldavid Oct 22 2014, 1:11pm says:

My thoughts are as follows: so what if the mod takes a long time - even a few years? First off, you are doing this on your own: no pay and no rewards other than the feedback from the community. No one ever has the right to complain about mods taking to long to release because the mods are made in the modder's private time, using their own resources. My observations on this mod's release time have been that you are obviously working on it, as shown by the frequent updates you give us; the reason that Ascendancy is taking so "long" is that you're dedicated to a quality end result, and are making sure everything is perfect before the release. From what you've shown us, I am quite confident that the end result will be more than worth the wait. So keep up the good work, and ignore the "release now" trolls!

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-Defender0- Oct 22 2014, 7:12pm says:

i love when people complain about a lack of progress (mostly shown in pictures) when the next patch/update for a mod is 99% coding. how many poeple really want to look at pictures of text files?

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raeldrikp Oct 23 2014, 3:14am says:

Just curious, but how do you guys decide which faction to start work on first?

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.Corey. Oct 23 2014, 11:13am replied:

Usually its just that we're more sure of what direction we want to take something, and then that faction becomes a general testing ground.

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While the vast majority of the community has always been very supportive, lately we've started to get several comments which are not just sceptical about whether the mod will ever come out, but also express this in a very accusatory and combative way.

It's not like we're just sitting on top of a completed project and laughing as the community waits for it. We're working to make sure that when it is released, people aren't just playing a half-finished project. Yes, there's stuff that we're holding off for patches and future versions, but there's a line between base functionality and a few aesthetic changes or small features that don't impact your ability to actually play and understand what's going on.

That being said, in order to assuage the fears that we're somehow stuck in development hell (I honestly have no clue where this idea even came from), here's a picture of the progress board I keep on my wall over my desk. It lists all of the stuff that needs to be done to meet the next release. The red dots next to stuff indicate things that are currently being worked on.

My terrible writing aside, you can probably see that we're not exactly stuck on stuff here. Just because the stuff we're on now (icons and coding) isn't as media-friendly as the stages when we were adding a new unit every few days doesn't mean the same progress isn't being made.

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Oct 21st, 2014
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