Hypergaming Network's Stalker RP server takes place in the Shadow of Chernobyl timeline, just before Strelok makes all of his breakthroughs. You play as a stalker in the zone.Whoever that is will be your decision, perhaps a bandit, or a loner leading a group to what you think will end in riches.

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I have 1700 hours on that server. Yes, it's that epic. Issues get solved quick. The owner releases new stuff every now and then. Minges are almost extinct (they don't tend to stick around long due to a large admin team and a three strikes system). Basically, if you want to roleplay, that's where you should look at.

Wrong section.

andrewhatesyou here! I really loved this mod and it's about the only Gmod server I play on. RP can have it's ups and down on the server, but overall it's great! Alot of PassiveRP/FearRP and just normal RP in general. Great job silver!

Good, but not impressive. I mean (imho) that mod have no reason to born.


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