There we go again. This is the third version of STALKER Particle paradise! STALKER PP(!) 3 will feature the best graphics in stalker call of pripyat. This version will be more stable, and will feature more particles, more fun and more beauty...

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very good high quality work,i am very impressed

Exelent !

Particle Paradise 3 is another addition to the Particle Paradise mods. Each one in the past has greatly increased the quality and overall detail of the STALKER series. Particle Paradise 3 does just the same and improves the overall quality and impact the game has on the player. Hopefully more modders take after this example and the current one continues to create great pieces of work.

Always updated and very S.T.A.L.K.E.R.ish true Zone ambient.
A top effects mod, that also have a compatible version wih AtmosFear 3...
"What else"...


beastzomb says

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alot of work went into this and i appreciate it alot.

its a fantastic mod that adds alot more to the atmosphere and ambience and to the effects of bullet impacts and anomolies, its fantastic


This mod does not deserve an excellent rating....


Like a Boss!

Looking good so far.

Excellent work LoNer.

this is the good stuff

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