The cities are empty, mankind is missing. In the distant future where this mod is set every one left on the planet has given up their lives to virtual reality where their every need is taken care of by a machine. You play a nameless faceless citizen randomly selected to be woken to perform routine tasks for the AI-human hybrid that runs 'Sity'. You'll uncover that the task's you are performing aren't as routine as you're told. The mod will explore a range of features, some tried and tested, others new and experimental, all aimed at keeping the player interested and excited. Some of these features include player controlled slow motion, freerunning over rooftops, logic puzzles and immersive storyline.

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The train puzzle is way too long and redundant.

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Jun 30th, 2015

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May 4th, 2013

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Jan 3rd, 2013

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Oct 2nd, 2012

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Aug 15th, 2012

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Aug 3rd, 2012

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Jul 28th, 2012

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Jul 15th, 2012

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Jun 7th, 2012

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