The Silgrad Tower project started in 2002 as an extension for TES3: Morrowind, and over time a living, vibrant world was lovingly crafted. We're still working on the plugin (after an eight month hiatus), but we also focus our attention on bringing Silgrad Tower to TES4: Oblivion. Silgrad Tower uses the excellent archive format 7z, which is far superior to Winzip in every respect. These archives come as executables, which means you don't need to install any software to extract the files. Just download, double-click, and browse to your "Data Files" directory and extract Beta 3 to it. Our community uploads internal releases on a regular basis. These are used by our modders for testing purposes, but the internal releases also fixes bugs from Beta 3. The current internal release, 1.3.963, is available on our download page and we recommend you use the internal-release .esp instead of the .esp in Beta 3. To do that, download and extract Beta 3, then throw away the .esp. Then...

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EricBoyceU says

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I have an older version of Silgrad Tower and this mod was just awesome! Hoping that the new mod on ModDB is an update to older release version. The cities are huge filled with NPC's and interior houses/shops. A great mod to download.


hayabusa153 says

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I really liked the detail and sheer size of the mod. Almost like Tamriel Rebuilt.

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