Sigerous (SGM) comes from a Russian development team that's headed up by Nikolay Bolotov (GeJorge), It was in development for many years and in that time a number of excellent versions were released. The plan is to upload a selection of All-in-ones that span from SGM 1.7 up to SGM 2.2. Note: I'm not one of the mod's developers, my involvement has been through doing the English translations from 1.7 Geonezis on. Each mod will come with a read me that gives you any relevant info you'll need and a list of known contributors.

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lm303 says

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Just an awesome all round mod, great storyline, extra weapons are excellent. Played COP over and over with this mod for 6 months straight :) If you haven't tried this yet, what are you waiting for? SGM 2.2 is the best mod for Call of Pripyat.


(This is my review of the 2.2 version)

This mod has some very good things and some very bad ones, that's why I'm giving it 5 out of 10.

The great things are: locations and quests.
It adds some locations from CS to CoP + lots of things to do in them. Some of the quests might be bugged but you CAN finish the game without any huge problems. I suggest to save a lot (if you think some quest is broken you can reload your save before you started the quest)

The bad stuff:
Missing textures. I had to add textures of act_stalker_bandit_3a and act_stalker_actorc_1c myself because they are missing (it's the black trenchcoat bandit & Degtyarev when he's wearing it - without these textures, the suit has no texture and looks bad)
Also some quest items are missing their textures (for example the C4 explosives in the beginning)
Exploding chickens. Yes, there are static chickens placed randomly in the game and they explode when you shoot them.
Enemies are bullet sponges. I know you get better later in the game, BUT still I had to edit weapon damages to even enjoy the game.
There is no ammo in dead NPC's inventory if they were using any of the new weapons.

You managed to totally break what was awesome in Shadow of Chernobyl.

I was very pleased with this mod. It had a few flaws, some rather glaring, but the rest of the content was very nice and made me mostly overlook the problems.

First what I want to commend this mod for is the options. I adore any mod that offers options. For example, SGM adds more anomalies to all the maps, like the ones found in SHoC; but in the 'SGM Options' section of the menu you can choose whether or not to keep or hide these anomalies. So if you ever get tired of having them get in your way, you can make them go kaput! There are many other options that are provided, which I found very considerate of the developers. So if there are any casual Stalkers out there, not to worry, this mod won't shove extra difficulty down your throat.

But the real meat of the mod comes not just from the new areas to explore (which can range from a couple of old maps from past STALKER games to ALL of them, depending on which version you download) but all the extra equipment (and not just weapons and armor) and quests, including a secondary story-driven 'main quest' that in no way interferes with the vanilla main quest.

Now you have the ability to to buy backpacks from traders, and if you find a load of stuff you want to sell, but can't carry all of it back to a base, you can drop the backpack and stuff it with extra crap, mark its location on your PDA, sell what you have, then return to your stash to repeat the process. There are many other useful items to help you in your journey through an extra hostile (if you choose it to be) Zone. But my favorite item by far was the most useless of them: the MP3 Player. That's right. Now, if you get the download for the tracks off of the homepage of the author of this mod, you can listen to Fatboy Slim while popping zombies, or jam to Limp Bizkit while duking it out with mercs that have repopulated the sawmill since you cleared it of zombies (oh yeah, that happens, and it makes things intense; but again, you can choose whether or not stalkers of any faction repopulate locations that have been cleared). Some camps also have radios playing (which you can ask to be turned off, too). I've listened to Andrea Bocelli lamenting 'partiro' while sorting through my Skadovsk box many a time. I was very pleased.

The new maps are well populated and have missions of their own as well, instead of just being random places to visit with little to offer (for the 2.1 All-In-One version, at least). A few new neat factions make appearances, one of which you can join. Although honestly it has very little consequence. I briefly joined Duty once, but Freedom never became hostile towards me at any point. So I found it rather pointless, since I never found any faction-specific quests for Freedom or Duty. But it's possible I missed them.

So as you can see, I've thoroughly enjoyed this mod. Alas, there were quite a few things I didn't enjoy.

So this is a fairly buggy mod. Sort of expected, though, given its scope. And not game-breaking by any means. But nonetheless annoying. The first major glitch I noticed had to do with blowouts. 2.1 All-In-One uses Atmosfear 3 weather and emissions. Unfortunately, according to the author, something went wrong when merging AF3 with SGM, causing the weather formations to not show up when blowouts begin. The effects still take place: psychic pressure, the waves, and the sound effects. But noting visual except for the waves. I found it very underwhelming, blowouts are my favorite part of CoP, especially AF3 ones. Another bug that occurred was when I installed the music pack for the MP3 player, for some reason the main menu theme was overridden with different, random music, and the Atmosfear 3 options disappeared. This mod requires a bit more CPU usage as well. It doesn't make the game impossible to play, but it's noticeable for smaller rigs.

I'd say more, but character limit. All in all, I loved this mod, despite those bugs. I recommend it with a 7/10.

I must said this first: this is a review for SGM 2.1, the most stable of them all.

Good points:
- A lot of new places and new quests, but it keeps the original storyline intact. I scrapped SGM 2.2 because it started in Cordon with some crazy quests. SGM with Geonezis addon is bad too, because you have to do quests in a certain order, or it can and will break the storyline.
- No bugged missions so far, except for some despawned bodies of dead named stalkers (for example, Grouse), so you'd better complete missions which involves dead stalkers as fast as possible.
- Teleport devices. These handy devices called GPS conductors will shorten the boring time of runnng across the map. And trust me, you will have to run a lot.

Bad points:
- Mutants here are tougher than even Misery mod. A pseudogiant will be chasing you after taking 6 VOG grenades to the face.
- Some new mutants looks very bad, and the big gorillas in later maps move as if there are wheels under their feet.


woktto says

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Weapons has a decent touch to it with vanilla aims. Love it


Custom quests that are great, but some are very glitchy...

This mod is ''almost perfect''.I rate 10/10 becouse its fun to play... But i have an issue and cant comlete this mod...crashes...Help appreaciated


-Start a new game
-Spawn on the map
-Talk to the first NPC and accept his quest
-Automatically spawns a bloodsucker
-Get killed by the bloodsucker while you're reading the new texts

-Start a new game and do the same until bloodsucker spawn
-Run as hell to avoid bloodsucker while 2 NPCs are attacking it
-Get hit by a NPC salvo
-Die from severe bleeding

-Start a new game and do the same until bloodsucker spawn
-Run as hell in circles until the bloodsucker dies
-Talk to the second NPC, it's a guide that will lead you to Skadovsk
-Follow him
-Guide walks through water, follow him
-Get irradiated as hell
-Guide walks through a dog pack
-Guide dies
-Rush to Skadovsk
-Go to Sismik to get healed
-Accept Beard's quest about artifact in dragging station
-Get the artifact and kill the guys that want it for his "wounded/sick friend"
-Get back to Skadovsk
-Automatically talk to a new NPC because you killed the guy at the dragging station
-Get a new quest to kill a guy accompanied with 2 guys
-Go on a hill 150 meters from target while my weapon show 500m range
-Fires a headshot at one guy with just a plastic gas mask
-The guy is still alive
-The guy fires a salvo with his magic-straight-travelling bullets and kills you
-Quickload and get back to Skadovsk, continuing the mission when better equipement
-Game crashes

-Reload and manage to kill the 3 guys
-Have to talk with the guy that asked me to kill the 3 guys
-This guy is running through water and suddenly stops in the middle of the lake
-Get irradiated as hell
-Talk with him
-You figure that you have to kill him for the quest
-You start shooting at him but he is litteraly invincible or survived 30 AK and 7 shotgun point-blank headshots

My absolute personal favorite mod for Call of Pripyat. Everything is just so wonderful. The custom quests, artifacts, new detectors and weapons, enemies. Ever since playing SGM, I can't play any other mod for CoP without wishing I could somehow run SGM alongside.

A must try mod for any fan of STALKER.


Never really took the time to appreciate the work that went into this. By far the best mod and loads of awesomeness to david (nasha) for uploading the all in one english pack!

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Just an awesome all round mod, great storyline, extra weapons are excellent. Played COP over and over with this mod for 6 months straight :) If you haven't tried this yet, what are you waiting for? SGM 2.2 is the best mod for Call of Pripyat.

Jul 27 2015 by lm303