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Shattered Lands is a World War III themed mod for Men of War Assault Squad that will offer a huge variety of game play and features. Four unique and diverse factions each with entire arsenals specific to them. It will also add a large number of overall improvements to the Men of War experience.

Report content RSS feed Developer Update#1 June 28, 2012

Welcome to the Developer Update #1 for Shattered Lands! We have some awesome new stuff we want to show you guys, so strap in and let the eye candy blow up your eyes!

Posted by Solistx on Jun 28th, 2012

The VBCI will come in 3 variants.

1- VBCI standard configuration with 25mm chaingun and 7.62mm coaxial machinegun, and lastly an HVAT Launcher Platform. This will be the most expensive variant in multiplayer.

2- VBCI-GL with a 40mm grenade launcher, 7.62mm coacial machinegun, and an HVAT Launcher Platform. This will be the median of cost between all 3 variants.

3- VBCI-MG with a CROWS weapon mount. This will be the cheapest variant.

The VBCI is an all purpose IFV/APC vehicle used by the CEC and will be the workhorse transport and fighting vehicle of your army. It is relatively cheap and powerful for its costs. The more expensive VBCI variants will open up more firepower options to countering your enemy, and will allow for a wider variety of missions to be performed by your vehicle, however the risk of getting attacked is greater.

Although the VBCI houses a great deal of firepower for a 4x4 IFV, it is very lightly armored and can only withstand up to .50 caliber rounds and some RPG fire. Meaning any shell larger in size than your standard .50 caliber will be able to penetrate and destroy your VBCI.

Updated VBCI and weapons systems Updated VBCI and weapons systems
Updated VBCI and weapons systems Updated VBCI and weapons systems

The VBCI has some firepower options that will offset your lack of armor. First off, the VBCI is not an Anti-Tank role vehicle. Its mission is specifically infantry based. Meaning it is best used against enemy foot soldiers, preferably ones without RPG's and other missle weapons.

However dont be scared! The VBCI standard config. and the VBCI-GL variants both carry a(n) HVAT Rocket mount. This mount carries 4 HVATR rockets capable of penetrating any armored vehicle from your armored jeep to your heaviest foes, ie. T-90, Abrams, Challenger, Leopard.
Beware however, you must make each shot count as your VBCI only carries 4 of these rockets and resupply can be time consuming.

-The M811 25mm Chaingun

The 25mm Chaingun mounted on the VBCI can be a very powerful weapon if used correctly.

It comes with 3 ammo types at your disposal.

25mm AP - Standard Armor piercing round, good against light armor
25mm HE - High Explosive Ammunition, good against all infantry
25mm HECL - High Explosive Cluster Ammunition - good against sparsed out units, and for destroying large areas.

The chaingun has been adapted to a variety of roles, however most men of war players already know how AP and HE rounds work. Our main showcase ammunition in this article is the new HECL cluster ammuntion.

Updated VBCI and weapons systems Updated VBCI and weapons systems
Updated VBCI and weapons systems Updated VBCI and weapons systems

HECL ammuntion is good for dealing with targets that are spread out, and for damaging a large area, or fire for affect. Basically the HECL works like an airburst round. The shell detonates mid-air, release submunitions that detonate upon contacting the ground. The blast radius of each individual explosion can completely decimate an entire squad of 10 soldiers if a shot is placed correctly. The HECL round is also the perfect weapon to use clearing forests, and large areas of cover, giving this round a very unique purpose. However due to the amount of damage is causes the HECL is restricted to only 20 rounds in each VBCI to prevent spam. Use each shot wisely!

Please note that the gameplay in these videos is not final and subject to change! We still have a lot of work to do on the VBCI.


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SituationalJared Jun 29 2012 says:

Holy **** this is good work, but may i ask why does the back landing always opens when it stops?

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Solistx Author
Solistx Jun 29 2012 replied:

Right now the door is at a very primitive stage of coding. However I am working diligently to fix the issue.

Also, cluster bomb coding now includes support for grass, mud, snow, ground, sand, ice, and road terrain types. Cluster bombs will not detonate in water.

+3 votes   reply to comment
DEathgod65 Jun 29 2012 says:

Very nice vehicle!

+1 vote     reply to comment
rayzorblade Jun 29 2012 says:

If for example, you set the vehicle to guard an area, so as to focus on other things, will the AI know how to differentiate which ammo to use when encountering the enemy and not use up the HECL rounds?

+1 vote     reply to comment
FenrisianW0LF Creator
FenrisianW0LF Jun 29 2012 replied:

If you've ever played other MoW mods like GSM (where there are 3 round types in most tanks: AP, HE, and APCR), you'd see that the AI tends to only use HE and AP unless it runs out of both, in which case it will use the only ammo type left in its inventory.

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rayzorblade Jun 29 2012 replied:

I know. That's why I was asking and what I meant is if ever the AI has been modified so that it will know when to use the HECL rounds. When it is encountering infantry, has the AI been modified to use either HE or HECL? Say when encountering 5 or more enemy infantry, the AI will know how to switch to HECL or if just below 5, then it will switch to HE....etc. Or does it have to be direct controlled to use HECL?

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Solistx Author
Solistx Jun 30 2012 replied:

HECL is specialized ammo meant to be used by the player by manually loading the ammo, or using direct control.

+1 vote   reply to comment
rayzorblade Jul 1 2012 replied:

Thanks for the clarification.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spike-Bozzled Jul 1 2012 says:

Nice work guys!

+1 vote     reply to comment
dhannemon13 Jul 28 2012 says:

And BTW, nice vehicle.. :D
But, it's HE ammo looks too overpowered.. 25mm can destroy a building in few shoots?

+1 vote     reply to comment
ceeninja Jan 31 2013 says:

cant wait for this mod to finish!

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