You wake up in a room and you have forgot everything so you struggle to find a way out, this mod has some tricky part to. You play as Robo, a student. As I said you hallucinate alot and can't remember what happend last night.

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Gwweri says

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A lot of jumpscares and creepy atmosphere. Unfortunately, several annoying parts (finding rusty key on greyish-brown floor in a dark room without possibility to use lantern, for example), things which don´t make logical sense and, the worst of all for me, no story.

Story 0/10
Gameplay 7/10
Atmosphere 10/10

Total: 6/10

Jumpscares and sound-scares... teleporting naked guy decreased the score by 1, and "forbidding turning on lantern" in a certain area decreased the score by 1 as well. Definitely not worth playing.

Barely any existant story and oh the jumpscares...


kiddi says

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Good scary atmosphere. I enjoyed this mod.




Meki says

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This is a nice, detailed and bug-free mod. Consists of nearly all jumpscares you can imagine. I was really scared, thanks!


I love the jump scares, not going to spoil but that ending man. Why....


nothing that really WOWed me. plenty of jump scares and poofers. pretty short mod.

it wasn't great but also wasnt bad. just average. if you have 30 minutes give it a try.


Altough the mapping was pretty neat you could not really make sense out of the story and it was way too many jumpscares that ruined the ambience. The pussles could have been made harder and more intellectualy challenging, after some time i almost felt remorse when i was about to open a door or pick up a key since i knew that it would trigger some ridiculous jumpscare.

Aside of that this mod was great, taking all of it´s shortcomings into consideration it was still an enjoyable mod and that is why this gets 8/10.

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