You wake up in a room and you have forgot everything so you struggle to find a way out, this mod has some tricky part to. You play as Robo, a student. As I said you hallucinate alot and can't remember what happend last night.

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nice when i readed a hallucinate alot i downloaded it immediatly

Too many jumpscares. It comes to a point where the ambience doesn't even matter anymore because anyone would be scared as hell after 5 or 6 jumpscares in the face. Not nice. Heck, there is even a small room with 2 jumspcares in it and probably more, I don't know because I didn't finished it. One cannot pick anything up safety because there is always a jumpscare waiting and must of the time there it is.

In over 20 mods, this was the first one I refused to complete halfway. Sorry if this is your first mod or if I'm being to strict but I had enough with it.

Great CS but I just didnt like the end. The end killed it for me :/
but anyways good job senor(spanish) :}

grwat map but very dissapointed that theres sorta a bug. : when you jump out the window its not quite high enough to kill you if you fall so there is no way doing anything. Should be higher so it doesnt do dat. dammit i was njoying this mod a lot and do not want to restarrt

Very good mod. Gave me chills. Three instant knights almost killed me. Misty corridor with knights nice. Though spawning behind your back is not very amazing, because when you realize the music and turn around they are usually dust. Some story context would be nice even if minimal. Very good, keep up the good work.

very scary little piece of work you got here!


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You did a pretty good job for being your first custom story :) Most of the others first ones are just crap with no atmosphere at all, but you're at least trying :D. Good work ^^

One bug you should fix is the lantern. When i reached the level after my lantern got disabled, a message said that the lantern was working again, but it didn't.


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