A Coop Based team mod based around the story of Beercan the Jamaican beer can! The mod sees you completing objectives and slaughter all the monsters in sight with your team of... Red - Beercan's drug dealer who was conned by the Evil Mastermind and is seeking revenge... KB - BC's right hand man and great buddy agreed to help bc thwart Mastermind UltraLeek - Evidence of Mastermind's experiments, after the tests failed ultraLeek gained his own mind and seeks to destroy his creator The mod's features include: Steam based Platformer style thirdperson view All new maps/textures/sprites Crazy new monsters 15+ new weapons Some new sounds Lots more gameplay stuff! That's all for now check out the site for more details into the characters weapons and monsters!

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Jul 27th, 2015

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Aug 13th, 2012

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Jul 15th, 2012

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Jul 10th, 2012

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Jan 16th, 2011

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Nov 21st, 2010

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Sep 14th, 2010

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Apr 26th, 2010

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Apr 23rd, 2010

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Jan 24th, 2010

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