The SiC mod is a monster overhual featuring many new monsters, it also features many new items, heavily altered skills (mostly notably the sorc), alternate gambling systems, specialized item creation, more than 200 runewords, new uniques and sets, and more.

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May 14th, 2012
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The SiC mod features many new items, heavily altered skills (mostly notably the sorc), new monsters, alternate gambling systems, specialized item creation, more than 200 runewords, new uniques and sets, and more.

Version 2.21B
by JBouley
This mod is the sequel/follow-up to my Sanctuary Corrupted mod for classic
Diablo 2.
This mod, "Sanctuary in Chaos," is for the D2 Lord of Destruction expansion, and
works with Blizzard's patch 1.09 for the game.
There is a forum for this mod. Just go to Phrozen Keep (, where I am
one of the webmasters, and then click on the "Phrozen Forums" link. My forum is
titled "Sanctum Arcanum." You can get there directly by going to
You can also e-mail me at, but I'd really prefer you visit
my forum instead, for two reasons. First, depending on your e-mail account name
and what you put in the subject line, your message might be mistaken for spam
and deleted before I even read it. Second, problems or questions you have may be
encountered by others as well, and I'd rather than any and all players of my mod
can read the responses from me in the forum, rather than individual e-mailers
benefiting and no one else.
There are spoiler documents now that describe all of the Cube recipes and how to
make all of the runewords. They are available in the download section for my mod
at Phrozen Keep if you don't care to wait until you find the necessary clues in
the game.

As of the writing of this readme file, my mod is available for download only as
an MPQ file. Basically, the MPQ is the same name as the Blizzard patch you have
in your D2 folder.
If you don't have a Patch_d2.mpq file, you have not updated your game with any
of Blizzard's patches. Until you have upgraded the game using the 1.09 patch
from Blizzard, you cannot play this mod. (in fact, you cannot play any mod for
any version of D2 if you have not run some sort of patch installer on the basic
"out of the box" version of the game). You can go to Blizzard's web site and
look under the D2 stuff to find the patches, or run a search on something like
Assuming you do have the Patch_d2.mpq file for the 1.09 patch, here's what you
1) Save your existing Patch_d2.mpq file to a safe place on your computer so that
you can revert back to normal D2:Lord of Destruction later if you need or want
2) Take the Patch_d2.mpq file from the download of my mod and save it in the D2
folder where the original patch file was before you saved it somewhere else. In
other words, you must swap my Patch_d2.mpq for the normal one. My patch file is
modded to give you the changes in graphics and gameplay that go with my mod.
3) You can now start up D2 and begin playing my mod.
NOTE: You might be able to use an existing D2 character in my mod, but you
probably won't be able to use that character in normal umodded D2 or in anyone
else's mod after you begin playing it in my mod. Once a character enters my mod
(or anyone else's in most cases) it can only be used in that specific mod or
subsequent versions of that mod.
For this reason, you are advised to back up character files. Also, if I release
a new version of my mod, back up any character save files you have from the
earlier version of my mod in case there is some bug in my new version that might
damage one of your old characters. I've never had a reported case of this, as I try
to make sure new versions will accept characters from older versions, but there are
no guarantees in life.
Always back up files. I am not responsible for any damage to any of your
characters. also, my mod should NOT harm your computer system in any's
just an altered file for D2 after all...but I will also not be held responsible
for any damage to D2 or to your computer that may occur any time after
installation of this mod. Chances are that if anything goes wrong, it has
nothing to do with my mod and is purely coincidental...I've not heard of a
single system being damaged by a D2 mod. The exception would be those rare cases
where you get a mod from a third party instead of the original source...and that
third party has hacked the mod with a virus. Even that is so rare than it's
almost unheard of. But always be cautious, and always run a virus check before
installing or unzipping anything on your computer.
If you have patch version 1.09c or 1.09d, you may find that many items with
"chance-cast skills" (spells that launch sometimes when you are hit by enemies,
when you hit enemies, or when you swing at enemies) will not work properly. This
is a Blizzard bug...I recommend that if you want to make use of such items, that
you revert back to 1.09a or 1.09b. Fact is, unless you play Bnet, there really
isn't a reason to "upgrade" to 1.09c or 1.09d anyway.
You can easily "downgrade" yourself temporarily from 1.09d to 1.09b by using the
three .dll files included in the .zip file for this mod. Simply save the
existing 1.09c or 1.09d versions of those .dll files that are currently in your
D2 folder someplace safe and then put my 1.09b versions in their place in the D2
folder. If you should want or need to go back to playing 1.09c or 1.09d, do the
reverse: put my 1.09b versions someplace safe and put the later versions back in
the folder. Whatever you do, don't delete the original .dll files in your D2
folder. You never know when you might need to go back to the most up-to-date
version of the .dll files.
Obviously, the process I've described above for swapping out .dll files is
essentially the same as the process used to swap out the patch file so that you
can play the mod to begin with.
I've been told that you only need to swap out d2game.dll, d2common.dll and
d2client.dll, but just to be on the safe side, the .zip for this mod includes
ALL the .dll files for 1.09b, just in case you run into problems and need them
to run the mod.

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Sanctuary in Chaos v. 2.21b
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