Rocks 2 Rockets is a mod-mod of Caveman 2 Cosmos. It has been trimmed down with the aim of getting it playable through the end of the game on a significantly less capable system than is required by C2C. It is still a large mod, just less demanding than C2C. There have been some adjustments for balance purposes. There have also been a few modifications for other reasons, and perhaps a bug fix or two that is not yet in C2C. The entire "galactic" era has been cut out, as has much of the "transhuman" era. Less drastic cuts have been made across the earlier eras. Features supplied by the game engine as of C2C version 26 are all present, including the viewport functionality, as well as many later bug fixes, AI improvements, and optimizations. R2R has a topic in the mod-mods subforum of the Caveman 2 Cosmos forum at the Civilization Fanatics' Center.

Report content Rocks 2 Rockets Patch v0.4
Oct 28th, 2013
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This is patch version 0.4 for Rocks 2 Rockets version 0, 0.1, 0.2, or 0.3. It is only a patch, you must have the full version 0 of Rocks 2 Rockets installed for it to be of any use. You do not need to have the earlier patches installed as this patch also includes everything that was in those, but it will install fine if you do have them.

Note: Installing this will overwrite the settings available via the BUG menu and any customized screens such as in the Domestic Advisor. If you have changed these settings and want to keep them: before copying the new Rocks2Rockets folder over the old one you should save a copy of the files in the Rocks2Rockets/UserSettings folder. Copy them back into the mod after installing the patch to get your settings back. They are all user preferences which can be adjusted at any time.What was changed in these user settings files (most from before v0.4, some v0.4 tweaks):
Advanced Scoreboard.ini: scoreboard set to show a max of 33 players, was 30.
AutomatedSettings.ini: automated hunting set to only attack if the odds are at least 85%, was 50%.
Better Espionage.ini: "show calculated information" enabled for the espionage screen(changed for v0.4).
CustomDomAdv.txt: domestic advisor has had a new screen added just for properties, showing the current amount and change from last turn for all of them, and some minor adjustments to a couple of the existing screens. The new properties screen now also shows the the thing being built and turns to completion (changed for v0.4).

RoMSettings.ini: RoM setting for dynamic XP is turned off and the setting to allow multiple religions to spread into cities on their own (without missionaries) is turned on. (Both changed for v0.4.)

  1. Extract the 7-zip archive to some temporary folder, or the desktop. It should create a folder called "Rocks2Rockets", possibly inside one that is named "Rocks2Rockets-Patch-v0.4". The folder you should be moving in the next step is called just Rocks2Rockets and directly inside it should be a folder called Assets, and other things.
  2. This new Rocks2Rockets folder should be copied over the existing Rocks2Rockets folder where it is installed, in the BtS Mods folder.
  3. Answer Yes to the questions about overwriting things.

It will replace many files and add several new files, all listed in the "Files in this patch" section of the included "Patch v0.4 Notes.txt" file in the extracted Rocks 2 Rockets folder.

What is in this patch:
Everything in all earlier patches, including the world map scenario.
This patch includes a new CvGameCoreDLL file which includes several bug fixes,
several optimizations, a few new features, and some AI improvements.

  • Traits done in the 'pedia differently/better, buttons for traits
  • Fixed some spawn data so some animals which were in but not spawning will now spawn
  • Stone spearman modifier vs. mounted increased from +50% to +75%
  • Units which are "defend only" can now take promotions which give increased withdrawal chance and can also take promotions which give hill defense bonus even if they also give a hill attack bonus
  • Work rate modifiers via promotions are in, but nothing uses them yet
  • Adjusted hawk, eagle, and Haast's Eagle models so they fly at better altitudes and each looks a little different
  • New sea unit: the kayak. It is weak but fast and will not get bad results from "goody islands"
  • Changed models for the canoe and war canoe
  • Adjusted the model for the peyote resource to put it near the center of the plot instead of the edge
  • The shaft mine improvement no longer removes bamboo or savanna features
  • Resources produced by buildings now count for the "resource in vicinity" requirements of buildings, such as deer from a "Herd - Deer" built via a subdued deer.
  • The Great Bath of Mohenjo-daro (or the "Great Bath of Mojo-Jojo" as I like to call it) now actually gives the +1 population in new cities like it says it does and the text has been updated to no longer say the fresh water bonus does not go obsolete (since it does).
  • Maximum allowed bombard defense for a city reduced to 85 from 100
  • Adjusted the later pre-gunpowder mounted units a bit (light cavalry, heavy cavalry, knight, and mailed knight)
  • Tweaks to a few buildings
  • Adjusted the promotions for sea animals so they will actually take them
  • Fixed a few sounds so it looks in the correct places for them
  • New map script: R2R_Erebus_1_09R

The new map script is a version of Erebus map from the Fall from Heaven 2 mod which has been adjusted for R2R's terrains(and slightly tweaked in some other ways).

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Rocks 2 Rockets Patch v0.4
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