Rocks 2 Rockets is a mod-mod of Caveman 2 Cosmos. It has been trimmed down with the aim of getting it playable through the end of the game on a significantly less capable system than is required by C2C. It is still a large mod, just less demanding than C2C. There have been some adjustments for balance purposes. There have also been a few modifications for other reasons, and perhaps a bug fix or two that is not yet in C2C. The entire "galactic" era has been cut out, as has much of the "transhuman" era. Less drastic cuts have been made across the earlier eras. Features supplied by the game engine as of C2C version 26 are all present, including the viewport functionality, as well as many later bug fixes, AI improvements, and optimizations. R2R has a topic in the mod-mods subforum of the Caveman 2 Cosmos forum at the Civilization Fanatics' Center.

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Apr 12th, 2013
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This is patch version 0.3 for Rocks 2 Rockets version 0, 0.1, or 0.2. It is only a patch, you must have the full version 0 of Rocks 2 Rockets installed for it to be of any use. You do not need to have the earlier patches installed as this patch also includes everything that was in those, but it will install fine if you do have them.

This is patch version 0.3 for Rocks 2 Rockets version 0, 0.1, or 0.2.
It is only a patch, you must have the full version 0 of Rocks 2 Rockets installed for it to be of any use. You do not need to have the earlier patches installed as this patch also includes everything that was in those, but it will install fine if you do have them.

Instructions:Note: you should save a copy of the files in the mod's UserSettings folder and copy them back into the mod after installing the patch if the changes to these made by the patch are not wanted. They are all user preferences. What was changed in these user settings files:
Advanced Scoreboard.ini: scoreboard set to show a max of 33 players, was 30.
AutomatedSettings.ini: automated hunting set to only attack if the odds are at least 85%, was 50%.
CustomDomAdv.txt: domestic advisor has had a new screen added just for properties, showing the current amount and change from last turn for all of them, and some minor adjustments to a couple of the existing screens.

  1. Extract the 7-zip archive to some temporary folder, or the desktop. It should create a folder called "Rocks2Rockets".
  2. This new Rocks2Rockets folder should be copied into the BtS Mods folder where Rocks2Rockets is installed.
  3. Answer Yes to the questions about overwriting things.

It will replace many files and add a few new files, all listed in the "Files in this patch" section in the included Patch v0.3 Notes.txt file.

What is in this patch:

  • Farmers' Market building now gives a bonus for having improved Barley resource in vicinity.
  • Beadmaker does not go obsolete, but does lose the +2 gold at Currency (keeping some 1% modifiers for having each of a few resources).
  • Department of Water gives -1 water pollution to the city it is in.
  • Corrected some land units that specified a bomb rate (which is what air unit bombers do) to have bombard instead (which is how land units reduce city defenses): Police Mech, Elephant Gunner, Ballista Elephant, and Bombard Elephant.
  • Story Teller now has an ability that is different, and less powerful, than the great artist or later
  • Celebrity unit. It will add less culture and shorten anarchy by only a small number of turns instead of canceling it regardless of duration. It can also, 20% of the time, get a better result which gives more culture and shortens anarchy more and also has the unit survive and get a free promotion which increases the odds of getting the better result the next time it is used.
  • Street Cleaner building now also gives -1 flammability.
  • Adjusted city maintenance modifiers for most government civics, upwards of course, and a couple in other categories as well.
  • University building maintenance cost increased from -9 to -12.
  • Cobras were made a bit more dangerous, with an increase in the amount they can damage a unit when attacking from 10% to 25% and also increasing their withdraw chance from 15% to 20%.
  • Town Well building now has a base of -1 health instead of -3.
  • Water Pipes building now have a base of no health penalty instead of -2.
  • Cistern building now has a base of -1 health instead of -2.
  • Policing promotions now give only half as much revolt protection as before, Policing III now also requires Combat I, and Policing V now also requires Combat II.
  • Added a new unit type, Canine, and converted the various dog units to it.
  • Added new promotions for Canine type units and added modifiers for fighting canine units to a few existing promotions.
  • Kennel building now gives 2xp to canine units.
  • The Nomad trait has had its free promotions changed some, now giving a couple to canine units and nothing to mounted or wheeled units, but recon and hunter type units now get Woodsman I for free too.
  • Added new unit type, Criminal, and converted the various crime causing units to be this new type.
  • Added 3 new promotions for Criminal units, and set which of the existing promotions they can take and which provide bonuses against them.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of some of the promotions that increase the city defense bombard rate.
  • The Dieselpunk enabling wonder is now at the Dieselpunk tech instead of at Steampunk.
  • Ribauldequin strength has been reduced as has its bonus vs. mounted units
  • Tweaked some of the game speeds: Eternity, Snail, Marathon, and Epic. They may, or may not, now be a closer match for the year vs. the techs you have.

Everything in all earlier patches, including the world map scenario.

There is also a new DLL file with bugfixes, some optimizations for slightly faster turn times over patch v0.2, and a few new features.
Once it is installed, the information you see by moving your mouse over your civilization's flag in game will report the Rocks 2 Rockets version as v0.3 and the DLL as build 3. Any game saved with it will, when loaded, show the Save File versions as version 3. If you don't see this, then it has not been installed properly.

You can continue playing existing saves. If you do, it will pop up a dialog box immediately after you get to the game map asking if you want to do a "modifier recalculation". This is part of a cross-version compatibility feature added to Civ4 by the C2C mod team allowing you to keep playing the same save with a new version of the mod. Existing dog based units, like trained dogs, will still be the same unit type they were before, but new ones will be the new Canine type which gives a different set of promotions. Likewise for the various Criminal type units like the Thief.

You can skip the modifier recalculation with no significant issues if you and the various AI players are still in the Prehistoric era and have only one city since very little relevant to that time period has changed. If you are past this point, I suggest giving it a try.

If you do the recalculation and it crashes, start again and skip it. (It can case a "Memory Allocation Failure" type crash on computers with a small amount of memory.)

Whether you do the recalculation or not, the next time you save the game the save file will include the new version number, and such, and after that it won't ask if you want to recalculate when you load the save.

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Rocks 2 Rockets Patch v0.3
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