"Every night the same hunter-chopper scans the town. Every-night it does the same thing and then leaves. The Combine finally found our shelter and yet they do nothing. I want to know why."

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There are a few things to get through today so I’ll get straight to it. If you clicked this new article because of the voice talent request then that's at the bottom of the post.

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There are a few things to get through today so I’ll get straight to it. If you clicked this new article because of the voice talent request then that's at the bottom of the post.

Engine Change

So I've made the decision to switch the mod over to Half-Life 2: Episode 2 rather then just the base game. This provides a few benefits including a vast collection of higher resolution textures and a hefty amount of natural themed props. It's slowed the progress of showing off screenshots as an engine change inevitably causes things to require tweaking, however, some new screenshots will be coming soon. Some of which are some unseen locations and unexpected regions throughout the city.

New Member

I'd like you all to welcome a new member to the mod development team, Taylor Sprague. He is going to take up the mantel of mapping some of the levels I've yet to start and he will also work on a few model additions and texture tweaks along the way.

Volunteer Voice Actors Request

That's right, I'm looking for several people to record lines for the mod. This is in the hopes of creating a deeper story with a few key characters. If you wish to lend your vocal talents then please send me a message, reply to this post or email me at 0Chris.Murray0@Googlemail.com.

I'm looking for people to voice three characters which as of right now, are yet to be named. But there is one female and two male characters planned for the mod. Obviously I'm aware that finding voice actors for a mod can be a minefield so I haven’t completely finalised the story so as to avoid a lengthy plot change if the talent hunt fails. The inclusion of these characters will rely on you the community to showcase the talent I know you have.

Thanks for reading! -Chris


I think that Half-Life 2: Episode 2 engine is better than Half-Life 2 engine.

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great choice, it always amazes me that people still use Hl2 itself for modding when ep2 gives us modders/mappers so much more options and things to use. Not to forgot, what to think of the Hunter, great ep2 figure to fight with!!

a fellow modder,

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Then again, the odds are that more people will own Half Life 2 itself instead of Ep2, despite the game being out for so long.

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Will I be able to play this when it comes out if my Ep2 has been updated and moved to the common folder? I opted into the Steampipe beta to fix the errors on my GMod Tower.

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ChrisMurray Author

This is something I'm not aware of. I would find it very odd if Valve dropped mod support for Episode 2 so I imagine there will be a way to still play Reversion. I'll look into it a little further.

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