A conversion for 'Empire at War: Forces of Corruption', Return of the Clones is based on a what-if senario - what if parts of the old Republic had survived Order 66, leading to a civil war not between the Empire and Rebellion, but between the Empire and Republic. In order to make things a little more realistic, the Zann Consortium is also now equipped with old, abandoned Confederacy equipment.

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This is a very cool mod
It definitely deserves a nine. It is great if you are looking to play as the republic. It has a lot of changes in the rebellion and many of the rebellion heroes are now republic heroes. Although this mod doesnt have the CIS, it still keeps the other three Factions from FOC.
Overall really fun game if you are looking to play as the Republic!

i believe that the game is very good but can be biased towards the republic during the republic vs empire but on a whole it is very good


I really enjoy this mod, it is very well done, and as long as you don't have windows 7, is very easy to install.

The Units and Factions are awesome, it brings back some of the Galactic Conquest maps from the old Empire at War.

I highly suggest giving this mod a download, it will be worth your time.

That is why it gets a 10 from me!


Its a nice mod but i have only 1 complaint i dont now if this happens to any one else but the AI in mine dosent do anything not even in battle its quite annoying and i would like to now if this happens to anyone else Thank you


I love this mod, the timeline takes some getting used to.

This is one of the best mods for FOC! I've always liked alternate histories of Star Wars, and this mod is no different! I even use its story for my own fanfiction series "Jedi Twins"! All of the new units are awesome, the Republic's ability to train Jedi on Yavin IV is the ultimate way to destroy the competition, and the Venators and Freedom are nicely modelled, with laser cannons that ACTUALLY swivel! There are a few problems regarding the campaign and Corruption missions (the Diamond carrier ships are not desirable for use in the Mon Calamari piracy mission, and the Nal Hutta kidnapping mission causes a bunch of weird problems), but these are outnumbered by the amount of MOST EXCELLENT things in this mod! Only a few words can describe this mod: GET IT!

Modes are not very pleased, of course not be compared with the Clone Wars.
Although this is my personal opinion.

I just love it! It works well with this one story that me and a friend made where, though it not Clones, the faction has an Old Republic flare to its military.

This mod is good if you like both the Rebellion and the Republic but for me these 2 do not go together.

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