This mod aims to improve.

Fleet battles by making ships use different attack styles(capitals and frigates). Not just get into range, stop and shoot. Also everything will be made bit faster and have longer range.

New high quality models/textures. Made mostly by me.

Playable races. Hiigarans and Vaygr

Story? This mod is based after HW2 events happened. With my little twist. It's not really well thought yet. But it's something like this.

HW2 Events.
-Sajuuk(ship) was never used. It was damaged beyond repair.
-Makaan never died.
-Progenitor dreadnoughts revealed how to build hyperspace cores.
-Makaan fleed to vaygr reaches. With his dreadnought.
-Hiigara was bombed to hell. But in the end hiigarans repelled vaygr invasion.
-S-Jet haves 2 cores
-Makaan haves 1 core

After all this.
Both factions hiigarans and vaygr, started rebuilding their fleets. Plus researching new technologies by reverse engineering their dreads. Not really sure what would happen next yet. But something which triggered third war etc.

Mod team? For now only me(-UNI-)

I may need help with fx code related stuff. So if you want to help send me pm.

If you want latest updates of this mod visit.

I start with small stuff and hiigarans are being done first.

That's all for now.

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First article, Yaaay!


Summer is nice and short especially in Finland, And that means i wont be doing modding stuff that much for next 2-3 months. Of course if it rains all the time i be sitting in my apartment and doing modding stuff if i feel so. Also i have real job which takes most of my time.

Current Stuff?

There are some model and texture updates to current models, which i originally made when i started this mod officially. And then there are some new models with and without textures.

Here are some pictures of them.

Hiigaran Torpedo Bomber

Ingame Screenshot

Hiigaran Advanced Interceptor

Hiigaran Heavy Corvette

Then there is new Hiigaran Heavy Corvette. It's not yet ingame so i just show couple renders of it.

Hiigaran Naval Station/Base

This is what i have been working on for last four weeks. It is supposed to replace original mothership. It is still wip(model) so changes are going to happen.

There are some other stuff too but they are just concepts which i am not sure if i am going to implement them into mod yet.

Future Stuff?

More bigger ships! Cruisers, battleships, dreadnoughts and so on.

Movement is going to be changed. Speed and agility is going to matter more! Which also means ships are going to be always moving. There are exceptions of course like ion cannon frigate.

And i know someone is going to ask release day. I honestly dont know. It will be ready when it is ready.

That is all for now, If you want to ask about things you can find me from gearbox forums or send PM here at Moddb.

Resurgence Mod Discussion Thread:

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[HWRM SHADER] Blender Cycles v1.0

[HWRM SHADER] Blender Cycles v1.0

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This is a material preset which tryes to mimic Homeworld RM Shaders. It's made for Blender 3d software. You can either import your model to shader blend...


Would really like to make a campaign using this mod :D ( if i knew how D: )

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Bookmarked this one, looking good so far. Keep up the good work!

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I will definitely keep an eye on this! Hope to see more.

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