A completely standalone new scenario for Resident Evil 2 with a 4 hour-long campaign and 3 different endings. Over 30 cutscenes, new gameplay mechanics, new skins, soundtrack... This is the perfect Resident Evil modding experience. It's as complete as a new game of the '90s. You can check all features and videos in their respective sections. You can also check my YouTube channel for more videos.

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The final version of Mortal Night. More faithful to the original and to the real survival-horror.

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Sat Dec 10 10 01 49 2016

Resident Evil: Mortal Night DE is in development.

There are tens of new details that make it better and more entertaining than the previous versions. It has a more classic style and now it's becoming a real new scenario. It will make you feel that it was made by the original team of the game.

The first episode of Mortal Night has evolved from what you saw in the first release of the mod, and now it has nothing to do with that survival-action style.

Apart from what you all know from v1.8, now the police officers of this episode (Rita and Harry) will have new skins and they will ask you for items. It's up to you to give them the items, because it is strategic: if you are low on health and ammo, giving them the items could save your life or could even make the situation worse. It will all depend on the next step you decide to take.

Thu Nov 03 10 27 29 2016

About gameplay mechanics, now we have working typewriters in the whole game, there aren't any infinite respawns for enemies, there is less ammo and the knife has been calibrated (also, it has been added to your "personal item" slot).

You'll feel to the extreme from the beginning to the end, and every zombie you'll kill will be as satisfying as killing a boss.

Sat Dec 10 10 07 31 2016

Some door locks and routes will be updated, and the soundtrack has been enhanced.

There will be more cutscenes, and the original ones will be improved. The bad-English is being solved.

Summing up, you have pure survival-horror. There is exploration, item management, puzzle-solving, action, tension, scares, a better story, and a crazy amount of new details. But that is only for the original 3 episodes.

Sat Dec 10 10 03 01 2016

Now, there will be 3 new modes to play:

- A remake of the 4th Survivor Mode, that will serve as a prologue.

- An extended demo of The Labyrinth extra mode, due to the whole mode won't be finished by the launch of this version.

- Doom Mode: The Doom Marine will be playable in Episode I; the main weapons will be a bit special, and the soundtrack as well...

Tue Nov 29 22 56 57 2016

Estimated Launch Date: February 2018.


I knew you guys would still be kicking. :3

Looking forward to the Final Release.

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Awesome news! I never complained to you about "hardcore" in this mod because it's not easy to create RE2 scenario mods (yeah, I still remember dead mods like "Dark Biohazard", "Urban Chaos" and "Distant Memories"). But your rework will make it much better now, IMO.

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Can't wait!

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The Doom Marine?!

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