A completely standalone new scenario for Resident Evil 2 with a 4 hour-long campaign filled with more than 30 cutscenes and 3 different endings, new skins, sounds/music, new resources/mechanics (best gameplay)... This is the perfect Resident Evil modding experience. It's as complete as a new game of the 90's. You can check all features and videos in their respective sections. You can also check my YouTube channel for more videos.

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I just love this mod <3

It's wonderful how you've been creating this mod. I played it and it is awesome even when there are some missing details. I'll be waiting for the final version. Good Job!


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good resident evil 2 mod


very neat for a mod


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Quality game with great gameplay mechanics and atmosphere!

It brings me back to my childhood with a different tale <3


very nice game

This mod is just a masterpiece, and I don't affortunately have more words to describe it, It's just awesome, is great, I love it

This mod is great fun from what i played and it definitely has potential. But the reason I didn't give it full marks was because the lack of saving, and with the difficulty of this mod that is an issue, but that's apparently implemented in the next version so 8/10!

As if this mod was trying to be something like Resident Evil 4/5/6. With tons of enemies, pseudo random item drops, run'n guns with no puzzle.

The story also pointlessly jumping around between two characters instead of a traditional playing long story for one character before swapping disk for the other, while this kind of narration works well in movies, it become very jarring and tedious in a game.

And apparently the creator thinks it is much more fun putting player in nigh-unwinnable situation from times to times. ie, force low health on player with no guns/ammo. These along with bad item detection on the ground and inability to save makes this game very annoying at best and totally unplayable at worse.

I must commend on the creativity of some of the new mechanics and storyline though, else this would warrant a 1/10 from me.

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