Remix Escalation is an Expansion Pack styled mod focused on bringing an entirely unique feel to every general. Hundreds of new units, powers, buildings, and three new Generals have already been added. Remix has been hosted on Revora for several years and is being added to ModDB to share with the wider community.

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wow!this mod is truly epic with how much there is to it. i love the new idea of having to wait for the big stuff and how the ai works. keep it up cant wait for the next update for it.

Tried almost all minor and major mods. But this is the BEST!!

Very, very, very good job. This mod deserves more.

even in beta, it still delivers


Wonderfully inventive mod!
Lots of great ideas great support powers, epic units etc.

My favourite ideas are from the Tank & Laser general. The ability to choose to specialise in a couple of different ways is brilliant and adds a whole new layer of tactics.

Long may this mod continue!

Awesome Units and Fun!!
I Like That!! ^.^

good mod needs the AI

The best!

Fantastic mod, i love the units and the tech trees, every general is so different and i love the tech upgrades! its freakin awsome!!!!!!!


from the beta i understand that the final releash of the mod would be awesome and i request for the developer to create a nucklear launcher unit for nuke general

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