Red alert 3 is a Total Conversion for CnC Generals - Zero Hour. This TC is a fan-fiction continuation of the Red alert 2: Yuri's Revenge storyline. It features 8 sides: The Allies (America, Germany, France and UK), the Soviets (USSR, Livia, Cuba and Yugoslavia) and Yuri, and a 5\6\5 singleplayer campaign. If you want to try it out before downloading the full version, the demo is still available for download, it features only 2 sides, the Soviets and Yuri, and a 3-missions Demo Campaign. Game version required to play this mod: Zero Hour 1.02 and higher The mod is released and finished (from our perspective of view). Red alert 3: The Third War Patch v.1.02 (for release version) Download Mirrors: 1) RedSys.Ru (for Russia only) 2) Mod DB Red alert 3: The Third War Full (Release version) v.1.0 Download Mirrors: 1) RedSys.Ru (for Russia only) 2) Mod DB 3) FileFront Red alert 3: The Third War OLD demo (spring 2006) Download Mirrors: 1) RedSys.Ru (for Russia...

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cool mod epic

but wrong name it should be named by another name

A great attempt to bring Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge to the Generals environment. It's not a perfect copy of the old Red Alert 2 expansion, but it is close enough to download and play. I recommend this mod.
My advice is that you change the mod's name to avoid confusion with EA's official game. Maybe Generals Alert 2?


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May contain spoilers 0 agree 0 disagree

3D Renders needs more polishing :)


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