Red Alert 3: Transcending aims to create a new Skirmish experience based on RA3 Uprising. It will bring you all 11 Uprising units, the Uprising maps, load screens and 8 new skirmish co-commanders with video feedback.

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I really enjoyed to have uprising unit and map with Upheaval, now, the experience goes better with the co-commander.

Next, the scripted mission ?

fantastic! when does Krukov, Prince Tatsu, president Ackermann and the premier comming?

Great Mod in My Mod list for Red Alert 3


The co-commanders make this mod a very unique one.
The best uprising mod in my opinion.

This mod adds the new units perfectly balanced. No known bugs(except the AI uses the magnet-satellite on the giga-fortress, but this is unnecessary^^ This mod works also in the LAN-mode pretty fine. Thanks dude!

I like this mod!!!
I also use the shock therapy mod
I love the use of the cinematics from Uprising
The only thing i find negative is that the AI of the new co-commanders can be better
For example i play against Vera (brutal) but she hardly build a base so it was over in no time

I like this mod but you should make tesla tank buldable instead of being optaind in bonus crates. Sorry if my english writting is bad

Brilliant adaptation of Uprising. I like the new effects for the soviets airfield, the new maps, the new units, the new co-commanders, I like all. If it was not for the mistake in the empire superweapon and ultimateweapon costs (1500/2500 instead of 3000/5000) I would give it a 10. This is a must have.


Just found out recently about this mod by browsing at the mods list. This is really fun because of the co-commanders. You should change the poster or something to draw in more people. The women of red alert poster isn't really eye catching unlike the purple of Synergy or electric blue of Shock Therapy. Having the co-commanders gives you some form interaction from the AI which is more fun. Hope you continue with this mod and add some cool stuffs.

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