Red Alert 3: Revolution's main goal is to provide a more in-depth Red Alert 3 experience, whilst retaining both the unique art style and core gameplay that made Red Alert 3 so enjoyable. The faction diversity that Red Alert 3 provided has been further built on and expanded, with each faction being able to channel their particular strengths with new, updated sets of upgrade protocols. From the Allies' 'Proton Beam Capacitors' upgrade, to the Soviet’s 'Electrostatic Flak' upgrade, you can be sure that the outcome of games will be less decided by who spams the most units, and more on who spends their Security Points the wisest. This mod also aims to enhance the unit graphics, particle systems, weapon effects and visuals throughout the game. Numerous bug fixes, as well as improved sound effects covering everything from unit weapons and explosions, to unit movement and ambient noises will offer Revolution players a Red Alert 3 experience like no other.

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This has been probably the most exciting RA3 mod I've ever anticipated, and it has come to life.

This is one of the greatest, polished, finished and yet so professional looking mod out there.
You'll enjoy it, every part of the mod will remind you how much work and effort it took to make.

Units are great, and they are lot more creative with different weapons, FX rather than a straight uprising copy.
I could go on forever with this but, really it just feels like as if EA improved and reworked on RA3.

Must try it out.

It's just awesome, no other words for it. This proves that games can be art in the right hands.

i like the tesla mammoth

The new unit's look so cool,i think is the best mod now..

i really love this mod, everyone who own a copy of ra3 should try it. i actually havent played it for a while but this mod made it fun all over again, (as a good mod also should do)

thanks alot to the devoloper and keep up the good work :)

This mod adds great new units and features to game while still keeping it simple and realistic.

This mod adds a few new units along with some Uprising units, and elevates the status of some of the Uprising heavies like the Harbinger Gunship and Gigafortress to 'epic' units. Protocols have also been changed a bit to allow for some upgrades, in order to encourage more intelligent protocol points spending. Balance has also been tweaked for the better.

Overall, this is a great mod. Though not a comprehensive remake of Red Alert 3 like Paradox, it does improve on Red Alert 3's mechanics as well as making it feel a bit more like its predecessors (the sounds are a nice touch). And for me, that's all I really ask for in a Red Alert 3 mod. Give it a try if you like Red Alert 3 as is, but could still see some room for improvement.

I'd give it a higher rating, but the bug with the Tier 3 Magnetic Satellite being able to suck up Tier 4 units brings it down in my opinion, as it makes playing against the Soviets a very unpalatable thought exacerbated by the fact that the Tier 4 units cannot outrun the Magnetic Satellite. When that's fixed, I'll raise my rating.


Simply makes the game much more balanced and more fun
I always play this mod unless i'm going online I wish ea would incorporate these brilliant features.

I dunno which one is better, this one or shock therapy

Best mod

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