Red Alert 3: Revolution's main goal is to provide a more in-depth Red Alert 3 experience, whilst retaining both the unique art style and core gameplay that made Red Alert 3 so enjoyable. The faction diversity that Red Alert 3 provided has been further built on and expanded, with each faction being able to channel their particular strengths with new, updated sets of upgrade protocols. From the Allies' 'Proton Beam Capacitors' upgrade, to the Soviet’s 'Electrostatic Flak' upgrade, you can be sure that the outcome of games will be less decided by who spams the most units, and more on who spends their Security Points the wisest. This mod also aims to enhance the unit graphics, particle systems, weapon effects and visuals throughout the game. Numerous bug fixes, as well as improved sound effects covering everything from unit weapons and explosions, to unit movement and ambient noises will offer Revolution players a Red Alert 3 experience like no other.

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An overview of the changes made in Red Alert 3: Revolution.

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Red Alert 3: Revolution v1.2 Change Log

- All walls reduced to $10/segment.
- Fixed headlight graphical issues.
- Wave-Force upgrade protocol now grants correct firepower increase.
- Fixed a number of small graphical and audio bugs .
- Deployed Reclamators no longer affected by Magnetic Satellite of any level.
- Fixed anti-aircraft vision issues for Flak Trooper and Archer Maiden IFVs.
- Fixed Reaper grenade and V4 MIRV veteran effects.
- Reapers can now gain experience from Rocket Barrage ability.
- Small edits to some unit ability and protocol icons.
- Added a few new skirmish loading screens.
- Increased Reaper grenade turret turn rate.
- Fixed Tanya's/Natasha's voice responses when attacking new units.
- Neutral Tech Structures now display correct collapse effects.
- Increase health of Soviet Outpost.
- Fixed Hammer Tank's leeched weapons.

Red Alert 3: Revolution v1.1 Change Log

- Riptide machine gun damage reduced to patch 1.12 levels.
- Harbinger Gunship no longer affected by Magnetic Satellite of any level.
- Improved effects for Harbinger Gunship's Collider Cannons.
- Fixed Javelin IFV range issues.
- Fixed Athena Cannon headlight issues.
- Fixed Allied MCV headlight issues.
- Grand Cannon no longer outranges artillery units.
- New button for Enhanced Reactors.
- New Armor Facility unpacking animation.
- Added Reclamator FSV.
- Small texture improvement to Javelin Soldier.

- Improved radar background image.
- Pause screen now displays correct faction icon.
- Steel Ronin power wave now disables vehicles for 4 seconds and infantry for 8 seconds. No longer damages targets.
- Improved visual effects for Steel Ronin's Power Wave ability.
- Yuriko now has red heroic effects.
- Yuriko's anti-aircraft attack no longer one-shots Harbingers, Kirovs or Giga-Fortresses.
- Yuriko's anti-ground attack no longer 'lifts' the Tesla Mammoth or Giga Fortress.
- Removed Burst Drone blood effect.
- Giga-Fortress no longer effected by Magnetic Satellite of any level.
- Giga-Fortress can now force-fire on terrain with its Paralysis Cannon.
- Fixed Tsunami Tank speed issues when upgraded with Fortified Fleet.
- Fixed plasma projectile issues with Shogun and Giga-Fortress.
- Removed minimum range for Giga-Fortress' plasma artillery weapons.
- Increased damage for Giga-Fortress' plasma artillery weapons.
- Fixed graphical issues regarding Archer Maiden's shockwave arrow projectile.
- Rocket Angel's swarm pods now scatter against infantry.
- New firing sound effects for Floating Fortress Deck Cannons.
- Deck Cannons no longer outrange artillery units.
- Wave-Force units can no longer fire through terrain obstacles.
- Two New Upgrade Protocols.
- New Emperor's Rage 'casting' effects.
- Emperor's Rage now grants increased firepower as opposed to increased rate-of-fire.
- Reduced damage for EMP balloon bombs.
- Fixed Seawing 'searchlight' graphical error.

- Natasha's pilot snipe no longer affects Tesla Mammoth or Giga-Fortress.
- Tesla Mammoth no longer affected by Magnetic Satellite of any level.
- Conscript rifle damage reduced to patch 1.12 levels.
- Twinblade machine gun damage reduced to patch 1.12 levels.
- Fixed Twinblade death animation when attacked by Yuriko.
- Removed black square surrounding Apocalypse's treads.
- Fixed Refinery unloading arm graphical error.
- Fixed Soviet MCV headlight issues.

- Some units renamed.
- Hero units can no longer be bribed.
- Improved menu UI.
- Removed Campaign Button due to unexpected errors.
- Removed 'Unit Profile' button.
- Additional/improved skirmish load screens.
- Headlights now turn off when the unit is affected by EMP.

Red Alert 3: Revolution v1.0 Change Log (Abridged)


- Structures:

- All building deployment times equalised at 1.5 seconds and given new deployment sound.
- Standardised structure deployment effects.
- Fixed water deployment animations.
- Minor texture edits to Construction Yard, Refinery, Armor Facility and Defence Bureau.
- Outpost unpack time reduced to 20 seconds.
- Fixed Construction Yard unpacking animation.
- Added ambient noises to some structure animations.
- Harbinger Gunships and Cryocopters now descend from above the Allied Airbase upon completion.
- Added third clearance level; grants access to Harbinger Gunship, Future Tank X-1.

- Armoury:
- Added Grand Cannon.
- Multigunner turret replaced with Pacifier Turret; can be upgraded with missiles.
- Wall hubs now properly display team colour, connect correctly to wall segments.
- Walls built in sidebar, deployed like regular structures.
- Spectrum Tower now has rotating spectrum projectors in the same style as Red Alert 2.
- New visual and audio firing effects for Spectrum Tower.
- Fixed Spectrum Tower passive 'boost' ability.
- Proton Collider given proper firing sound effects.
- Improved Chronosphere activation sound effects.

- Units:

- Added Future Tank X-1, Harbinger Gunship with modified textures.
- Improved effects for both primary and secondary weapons of Future Tank X-1.
- Harbinger Gunship now fires Collider Cannons and Chainguns simultaneously.
- Harbinger Gunship given build limit of 1.
- New 'Reactor Overload' ability for Harbinger Gunship.
- IFV given turret, correct firing animations.
- Improved firing sounds for default IFV weapon.
- Adjusted clip size for IFV weapons. DPS remains consistent with 1.12 levels.
- Assault Destroyer and Guardian Tank given visible projectiles, new impact effects.
- Improved laser effects for Guardian Tank.
- Spies can no longer disguise as commandos.
- Athena Cannon proton beam now damages aircraft.
- New radius effects for Athena's proton beam.
- Tanya given texture overhaul.
- New 'disguise' effects for Mirage Tank, Spy.
- New stealth effects for Mirage Tank gap generator.
- New visual/audio firing effects for Mirage Tank
- New firing sounds for Apollo Fighter.
- 'Return to Base' now grants short speed boost (with visual effect).
- 'Return to Base' ability given increased cool-down time.
- New trail effects for Vindicator/Drone bombs.
- New effects for Aircraft Carrier's EMP Missile.
- Improved Vindicator model/animations.
- Vindicators no longer gain an extra bomb when upgraded with Advanced Aeronautics.
- Bomb damage for Vindicator increased to equivalent of 3 bombs.
- Texture/model improvements for Assault Destroyer.
- Fixed Hydrofoil turret pitch issues.
- New firing sounds/animation for Hydrofoil's AA weapon.
- New firing sounds/animation for Riptide's machine gun.
- Fixed firing offset for Riptide's torpedo weapon.
- Improved Riptide hovercraft effects.
- Dolphin has been slightly rescaled.
- Improved firing sounds for Javelin Soldier.
- Fixed laser-lock firing animation glitches for Javelin Soldier.
- New 'radius' effect for Allied Engineer's tent ability.
- Improved 'shrink' effects for Crycopter.
- MCV speed reduced.
- Improved MCV hovercraft effects.
- Fixed unusual MCV animation behaviour.
- New firing sound effects for Tanya.
- Enhanced 'bomb drop' sound effects for Century Bomber.

- Secret Protocols:

- Existing protocols rearranged.
- Removed Chrono Rift levels 2 & 3, drastically cut pre-fire delay, new casting effect.
- Removed Chrono-Swap 'freeze' period.
- Added 'Proton Beam Capacitors' upgrade; increases firepower of Assault Destroyers, Apollo Fighters and Hydrofoils.
- Added 'Enhanced Reactors' upgrade; increases power output by individual Power Plants by 25%
- New upgrade authorisation sound effect for Advanced Aeronautics and High Technology.
- Advanced Aeronautics now affects Harbinger Gunship.
- High Technology now grants visual upgrade to affected units.


- Structures:

- Standardised structure water deployment effects.
- Minor texture edits to Refinery and Mecha Bay.
- Improved Construction Yard unpacking animation.
- Added ambient noises to some structure animations.
- Added third Docks upgrade; grants access to Giga-Fortress.
- Power Plants can now be upgraded for 50% more power output.

- Armoury:
- Improved audio/visual firing effects for both Defender-VX weapons.
- Fixed Wave-Force Tower charging behaviour.
- New audio/visual charging effects for Wave-Force Tower.
- Fixed turret rotation behaviour during structure deployment.
- Walls built in sidebar, deployed like Allied structures.
- Empire walls given unique deployment animation.
- Floating Fortress Cannons (available on some multiplayer maps) now fire plasma bursts.
- Psionic Decimator now causes EMP effect.
- New casting sound for Nanoswarm.

- Units:

- Added Giga-Fortress, Archer Maiden, Steel Ronin.
- Giga-Fortress' missiles replaced with anti-submarine Depth Charges.
- Giga-Fortress' "Gods' Breath" weapon replaced with Paralysis Cannon.
- Giga-Fortress given build limit of 1.
- Archer Maiden's Barrage Shot replaced with Shockwave Arrow.
- New firing effects for Steel Ronin's energy blade attack.
- New audio/visual effects for Steel Ronin's Power Wave ability.
- New firing sounds for Imperial Warrior.
- Tankbusters now use Wave-Force weaponry; can fire through multiple targets.
- Removed Shinobi's blade weapon; shuriken now always used against infantry.
- New visual effects for Yuriko's Psyonic abilities.
- Yuriko's health brought back in-line with that of other commandos.
- Rocket Angel missile weapon clip size reduced to 6; damage remains consistent with patch 1.12 levels.
- Missile effects standardised across all missile-based units (excluding Rocket Angel).
- Tsunami Tank given visible projectiles.
- New activation effect for Tsunami Tank Nanodeflectors.
- Tsunami Tank Nanodeflectors now grant a small healing bonus when active.
- Tsunami Tank gets new skin when upgraded with Fortified Fleet.
- New firing sounds for Mecha/Jet Tengu.
- New firing sounds for Chopper/Striker VX.
- New audio/visual charging effects for Wave-Force Artillery.
- New turret-turning audio effect for Wave-Force Artillery.
- New firing sound for King Oni.
- Minor texture change for heroic King Onis.
- Fixed unusual graphical behaviour regarding the Shogun Battleship's special ability.
- Texture/model improvements for Shogun Battleship.
- New firing sound for Shogun Battleship.
- Fixed unusual MCV animation behaviour.

- Secret Protocols

- Tsunami Tanks, Giga Fortress now affected by Fortified Fleet upgrade.
- Balloon Bombs now a short EMP effect.
-New upgrade authorisation sound effect for Fortified Fleet, Honourable Discharge and Advanced Rocket Pods.
- Advanced Rocket Pods now a grant constant stream of rockets.
- New casting effect for Emperors Rage.


- Fixed Japan EVA alerts.
- New damage/debris effects.
- All generic 'Rising Sun' faction images replaced with correct Red Alert 3 equivalent.


- Structures:

- Fixed Soviet Construction Yard unpacking animation.
- Improved texture for Soviet Construction Yard.
- Standardised all structure unpacking effects.
- Structures built with Grinder Crane now cost 1.5x as much.
- New idle animation for Grinder Crane.
- Fixed Reactor glow effect.
- Slight texture edits to Refinery.
- Fixed Barracks lights during unpacking.
- Added ambient noises to some structure animations.
- Enhanced explosion effects for Soviet Super-Reactor.
- Improved Super-Reactor 'spark' effects.
- New smoke effects for Battle Lab.

- Armoury:
- New Sentry Gun firing sounds.
- Walls built in sidebar, deployed like Allied structures.
- New Tesla coil charging/firing sounds.
- New Tesla Coil idle lightning effects.
- New Tesla Coil 'charged' effects.
- New casting sounds for Iron Curtain.
- Improved visual/audio effects for Vacuum Bomb.

- Units:
- Added Tesla Mammoth.
- Added Reaper.
- Removed Reaper's jump ability and AA rockets, replaced with Rocket Barrage ability.
- Slight rescaling of War Bear.
- New Conscript firing sounds.
- Flak Trooper magnetic mines now grant experience.
- Fixed Tesla Trooper firing effects.
- New Tesla Trooper firing sounds.
- Fixed Tesla Trooper charging behaviour, new effects.
- Added footprints for Tesla Trooper.
- Texture improvements for Natasha.
- New audio/visual effects for Natasha's sniper weapon.
- Reduced recharge time for laser-designator, pilot snipe abilities.
- New firing sounds for Soviet Dreadnought.
- Fixed Dreadnought rocket projectiles.
- Texture improvements for Sickle.
- New Sickle firing sounds.
- Texture improvements for Sputnik.
- Soviet Outpost now provides 1 repair drone.
- New death sound for Terror Drone.
- Hammer/Apocalypse Tank given visible projectiles, new impact effects.
- Recoloured Hammer Tank Leech Beam, Apocalypse Magnetic Harpoon.
- Removed Apocalypse turret wobble, reactor glow.
- New firing sounds for Hammer/Apocalypse.
- New shell-ejection effects for Hammer/Apocalypse.
- Fixed leech weapon effects/models.
- Fixed odd V4 pre-fire graphical behaviour.
- MiG given proper damaged texture.
- New MiG missile trail effects.
- Added rocket model for Twinblade.
- Texture improvements for Kirov Airship.
- Heroic Kirovs now drop Tesla Bombs.
- MCV speed reduced.

-Secret Protocols

- Rearranged existing protocols.
- Removed Desolator Airstrikes Levels 2 & 3.
- Added 'Electrostatic Flak' upgrade; increases firepower of Bullfrogs, Flak Troopers and Flak Cannons.
- Added 'Tesla Mammoth' authorisation protocol; allows for the construction of the Tesla Mammoth.
- New upgrade authorisation sound effect for Terror Drone Surprise.
- New effects for Magnetic Satellite pre-fire delay.
- 'Grinder Treads' renamed 'Salvage Crusher Treads'.
- 'Magnetic Singularity' renamed 'Electromagnetic Singularity'.

- Fixed Tech Firebase; can now be upgraded with individual missile turrets.
- Fixed Swiss Bank; now acts as alternate Oil Derrick.
- Fixed issues regarding 'muddy' team colours on dark maps.
- Fixed Oil Derrick animations.

- Wake effects standardised across all units.
- The threat meter now only increases when you destroy enemy units.
- New multiplayer/skirmish colours added, some changed.
- 21 new maps added.
- All unit locomotors overhauled.
- Some units renamed.
- Infantry hit by spectrum weapons now burn to death.
- All aircraft now display proper take-off, landing and parked animations.
- Radar is now tied to Construction Yards.
- Team colours now appear darker on night maps.
- Dying aircraft now display correct textures and particle effects.
- New debris particle effects.
- To avoid exploitation, shrunken units can no longer unpack until shrink effect has worn off.
- Distortion effects have been added to jet exhausts and a number of energy weapons.
- Removed firing delay for all bullet-based weaponry; damage remains consistent with patch 1.12 levels.
- New helicopter effects when over land.
- All aircraft given ambient sounds.
- Heroic status now grants a visual upgrade for most units.
- Fixed some terrain specular maps.
- Bullet/Autolaser tracer effects standardised.
- Some heavy artillery projectiles now collide with units and structures.


Yes!!! You fixed the Empire's battle song! Well done! :D

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Sounds more like "Let's make the Empire even more overpowered and the Soviets more underpowered, genius plan, comrades!"

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The Allies were alreaddy dominating, this gives them even more power (ANOTHER upgradde for apollo fighter, HYdrofoil and Assault Destroyer?)
The "Crane structures cost 1.5 X" makes it practically useless and it was the ONLY advantage the Soviets have.

Please rebalance.

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