RadioPhobia is a mod focusing mainly on combat realism and immersion. The main features are: a revamped arsenal of HQ weapons, graphical improvements and much more additional content. It's time to explore the Zone once again...

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yakovlev999 says

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Nicely enhanced graphics, changed game mechanics and overhauled/improved AI makes the game harder yet enjoyable

But, there are so many bugs and errors in the game, cant count on my 2 hands. Suit's carried wheight parameters are buggy, weapon accessory system is a mess, taking antirad deals way too big damage. energy drink is useless,
some item/suit/weapon prices are nonsense by comparing them to each other. some random ctds but thats usual at every mod. I give an 8. If the dev(s) fix these, might recosider a 9


StradaBoy says

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Too Hard to play!! Textures are really cool, i like it, With old storyline is more interesting to play


Musician88 says

May contain spoilers

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

The Pros

- Beautiful graphics: Shaders for ENB non-compatible Steam version is an extra plus

- Nice Weapon additions

- Cool Armour Selection

- Great Athmosphere, enhanced by graphics, additional Music and so on...

The Cons (Plz read all)

- "Restored" Story line contains illogical steps. e.g. Doc free's himself from the mercs in Priryat due to connections in high places (High government officials have access to the zone's center? COP story?)

- Mercs in Wild Territory have been replaced by Freedom. This makes no sense since it forces the player to take sides. On the other hand, there are copies of special weapons, so the player can have one for him/herself, focing the player to accept something which makes no sense and breaks immersion.

- BUGS!!!!!, mostly present in additional features breaking the "good" from the new features.

- ITEMS: Groza Ironsights are a mess, Sniper Rifle from Mission in Bar has the Sights of a PSO-1 Scope thus wrong pattern and magnification, weapon attachements are a mess, some guns show no silencer even when attached

- BROKEN GEOMETRY: in the Dead City, my suit got stuck in a wall: there goes my 150000 RU suit >:-(,

- LOAD FAILS or SKIPPING of new story content. Basically, when there is new dialog for different mission options, the games skips through them. The content isn't even registered in the message log, essentially denying the content to the player.

There's lot's more, but this is enough for now.
This Mod has Huge potential, but still needs some serious testing and debugging.

As it is now, for me it's a 5 only.


steroLT says

This mod offers very good hardcore stalker gameplay elements. One of the best STALKER overhaul mods I've ever played! Great work!!!


Itamii says

mod related gamebreaking bug that prevents you from continuing in later area. no fix available, and author doesn't reply to questions about the issue.


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Uncharted4 says

very gooooood


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cosmiczombijesus says

Radiophobia captures that "first playthrough" feeling perfectly, while still being challenging for Master Stalkers.

I love the added weapons, and most of the choices made seem pretty smart. Being a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, bugs are unavoidable, but I wish the lingering Russian dialogue was fixed, or the whole game's audio being Russian, with subtitles.

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