Quake HD Pack supports Quake, MP1: "Scourge of Armagon" and MP2: "Dissolution of Eternity". It contains compilation of works by quakeone community and allows you to setup Ultimate Quake High Definition Experience ™ ;)

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Easy as breathing. Just copy and paste two original files from your Quake CD into a given folder, run the vispatcher. After that just copy and paste these two files in another given folder and you are done and ready to play.

I personally hate it when I have to read several instructions of how to get amod running. Not with this mod - its like plug and play.


It is one of the best graphics quality ever seen on a Quake Mod.
Especially the new shadow effects are bringing a whole new gameplay into this game. You also get mirror effects, an awsome looking water shader, HDR, Bloom, AA, vsync, great looking textures and Monsters. I can not give you the full list of changes, but they are all fitting
together and you get the best looking Quake you have ever played - promise! There is also a ton of graphic and effect settings you can change. But I personally recommend to leave it on how the Mod creator gave it to your hand as the settings are often not very self-explanatory.

There is only one thing thats bad with the new graphic: If you look at water (even through walls) the frames are dropping to the bottom. BUT: You can disable the new water shader effects by simply typing in a console command.

Control System:

You can change your Mouse Sensitivity, Key bindings and so on.
I personally have tried several Quake 1 Mods and there was only one thing that was like a pain in the *** for me and make me quit most of these mods: the mouse-feeling. If you do not get a smooth and fast responding mouse input you can forget the mod, doesnt´t matter how good the mod is looking. This mod brings an awesome control-feeling to your mouse. It is fast, accurate.


This mod brings you the best Shooter back to your harddrive with a damn good looking High Resolution Texture Pack combined with lots of possible graphic settings and a perfect control system gives this mod a 10 out of 10 points.


T-F says

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One word: EPIC :) must-have for quake 1 fans

I must be stupid because I don't understand the "easy to follow" guide at all. :P


It really gives a new breath of air to this game. Excellent mod and easy to install.


best quality texture and all


It's beautiful :)


Absolutely beautiful


Thank you for that mod. I really love it! Not annoying mega graphics but real improvement. I played old-kind Quake but original has a dull graphics and textures so I watched this... very cool gameplay and just little of bit modern but still old-school! 10/10 is my rating. Well done!


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I appreciate the Quake community so much for making this! I played Quake for the first time on N64 way back and had purchased many id classics on PC up to this point. I was in the mood to play Quake again and decided to get it on steam yesterday. I am blown away by the sheer awesome of this mod. I can't describe how fun it feels to see one of my childhood favorites enhanced and updated so greatly! Thanks so much guys!


The Quake HD pack.

No...calling this a pack is like calling the swiss army knife "swisschamp XLT" (pretty much the uber-SAK - unless you splurged on the XAVT) just another pocket knife.

Quake HD pack is more like the ultimate combo re-texture and visual effects upgrade. (It is much MORE than a texture pack.)
A quick read through the docs lists more featues than you can shake a stick at.

Textures - Quake retexture project (complete!) - really awesome tex upgrade
Monsters - new skins and many bonuses - extra skins, models and effects
Particle effects - pretty much all the old quake effects are redone well
Realism - shell casings, nails stuck in walls
Effects - water & lava splashes (check Cthons pool)
Environment - rains, snows, ash, waterfalls, lava haze, new skies
Audio - includes the orignal game cd tracks in ogg format
HUD improvements (try the compass - slick)
Quake-c - many new effects are quake-c driven

I've always been impressed with the darkplaces engine enhancements.
One disappointment has always been fancier effects in other engines (like FTE.)
This mod catches darkplaces up on those effects.

This mod gives Quake the visual boost it needs to compete with many newer games.

I'm thinking about a play through again with all the effects turned on. Its that good.
And its been ages since I played through Quake. Though I think I'll wait until I've adapted this into the Chaos Mod. I want to play with some of my mods new goodies too. (I sense a Quake single player enhancement in the works!)

Quake HD is a big download - completely worth you're while.
(10 of 10 - they included the quake-c source - for that I'd give it an 11 if I could.)

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