A fairly large expansion pack for BZ2. Includes 14 new single player missions and an entire new human faction known as the Queens Filchers. Battle across the solar system in an effort to protect your turf from the Hadean and Cerberi invaders, while making sure you stay out of the way of the EDF and Scion forces as they defend themselves from the invaders.

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TheJamsh says

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A very well made mod, had a real blast playing through it, and incorporates some very refreshing ideas.

I'd highly recommend it if you haven't played it yet. Make sure you get the patch too.

BBB, I'd recommend uploading a download to this page as well.


Jayden.H says

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I like the fact that this is a complete mod, however the fact that the added vehicles don't have dustom UV but are textured with tilebale materials brings it down a couple of points, tied with a few *Inefficient particles such as the GF's Tower weapon, take it a critique, but still godo work BBB.


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