This version is being released for releasing sake more than because it is a complete version. My name is Dan Walters, I live in the UK and am 18 as of the date of writting this document (June 2004). I began AMOD when i was 13 with another teenager called Chris Mcmath, after he completed MacBeth, a singleplayer map pack. That was my inspiration to become a modification developer and so began building a team, making maps and models, etc. Such significant individuals i met up with were Kanachi, Videodrone, Majestic, M|N|0N, Snowfox, BlackOps, and so many more who I just can't remember. We all had a good time for the most part and enjoyed developing this game. Production started grinding to a halt when I was 15 as the team lost momentum but we managed to release playable versions which we enjoyed testing. Two or three years on I have finally decided to pull things together and make a public release, to honour the hard work and commitment placed down by the team. Please keep in mind this...

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Alot of unfinished areas, and annoying not being able to see how much health or ammo I have, so I have no indication as how hurt I am (which is unrealistic... if you take away the dam health counter then you have to put in some visual cues to tell us how much where bleeding FFS). The enemies are really tough, I shoot them 3-4 times with a shotgun and waste a entire clip of pistol ammo to take one down. This mod should have made the damage more realistic, not the other way around...
The storyline is shaddy. Apparently the mod isn't even beta regardless of what the part says in the customs menu. Its a end of release Alpha... so as to serve as a base for the rest of development. Which never happened.

Its a tad of a shame, because I liked what we saw level wise and the enemies looked pretty nice considering how long ago this was made. Weapons look alright and are all new. All this needed is a few more committed modders.


Looks good)

broken in some areas...but all these weapons...WOOT


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