Portal: Prelude, as its name states it, is an unofficial prequel to the game Portal. Its story revolves around the pre-GlaDOS epoch, even before she was plugged in. At this time, test subjects were monitored by real Aperture Science employees, whose work was tedious, lengthy and repetitive. This is why they decided to build a great artificial intelligence that could both replace them in these difficult tasks, and also take responsibility for many other tasks within the complex and compete with Black Mesa's superiority. All employees of the Aperture Science complex are now eagerly awaiting GlaDOS. Maybe even a little too eagerly, as the upcoming events will tell... This game is totally free. It offers a bit more gameplay hours than the original Portal, with 8 chapters, 19 test chambers, 48 challenges, 6 advanced maps, a brand new storyline and more than 400 lines of english speech with dozens of subtitles translations.

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newnowmusic says

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It must be admitted that if you take nothing else from this mod, its sheer scale is quite exceptional. With new characters, voicework, puzzles and approximately double the length of the original portal (not to mention its difficulty in places) it is hard to den the dedication and hard work that has gone into this mod.
The storyline is fairly solid – although I expected the malice of on of the observers to continue – which is impressive and a testament to what can happen if a mod team sit down with a plot in mind. The plot in Prelude is simple enough, you are one of the first few test subjects at Aperture Science, and are set upon to complete the chambers in order to finally see the first run of the new GLaDOS system.
The test chambers themselves are not exceptional in terms of visual but what they do provide is an extension to the game play once you have completed the original game, the storyline ties in quite well as so as a prelude it seems to fit almost to the point where can feel Valve’s wicked sense of humour creeping through.
The puzzles themselves lead you through in much the same way as the original, giving you all the instruction you need in order to succeed in some of the trickier chambers to follow.
As you progress you will find that the difficulty ramps up rather quickly and far surpasses the original game, this is perfect for those who have just (disappointedly) finished the too-short 3 hours of portal and now want more and harder.

Sure, go on and hate my rating and me but I couldn't enjoy this mod because it was anything like Portal.

After fisnishing Portal + advanced chambers in no time I was looking for more difficult challenges but Prelude is just about knowing the maps and do some tricks as fast and as timed as possible.

Thinking with Portals? Well, kinda
Thinking with the map layout? Certainly yes
Being annoyed by all kind of death traps comming closer? yeah

It's just lame that the developer had to add challenge by making the game just less comfortable instead of making challenge based on logic.

I see this mod is pretty popular but maybe it's just because people like try (save) and error (load) instead of actually using their brain how to solve difficult puzzles. Be sure to hate my review because it's the truth!

I have heard a lot about this game. Some call it "The Hardest Portal Mod Ever". This, it is most certainly not. I have played much harder mods. The hardest level was probably "Companion Cube Hell". I am not complaining about the difficulty. I actually think it is fine.

The biggest thing that detracts from this game are the voice overs. It was rather displeasing hearing about Abby's *** in the first few levels. That really made me stop taking the mod seriously. If anything needs work, it is the voice acting.

I had to cheat so 4/10

the best mod in the world?MAY BE


Best mod for Portal. (In)official prequel to Portal

This mod is hilarious, but holy **** this is a hard game!

It is spectacular! I do not understand how you do not get to greenlight or adopted by valve. Undoubtedly one of the best mods.

This mod has a lot of laughs, but holy **** this is a very hard game!

I really can't believe that we actually had a prequel before Portal 2. I didn't even though that Portal 2 was as great as it was (I mistakenly thought it was COOP only which turned out false). This mod did a pretty good job at tiding people over. It was harder than Portal 1 and 2 combined. Particularly tests 15, 17 and 18 that I took me awhile to even solve (15 and 18 had a obscure way to get the energy balls dispensed and 17 was just to boring). Some where a little to finicky, like doing a trick shot while doing a infinite loop on more than one occasion. But it does some important things very well, first off it gets progressively more difficult without feeling like its convoluted (17 was the exception, great in theory ie inventive but boring). Great idea to use the synthetic voices to, eventhough it looks weird on real people towards the end. Its story is pretty good, not great but better than anything I could have come up with. And a nice homage.
I think that it did well with what we had to work with, and remains to me perhaps the best Portal Mod and a nice companion to Portal 2.

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