Portal Memories NOW IN PORTAL 2! new better edition! CHECK IT OUT HERE!---> moddb.com/mods/portal-2-memories The idea behind this is to make an episodic mod, which you can play as it grows and every new chapter will be based on a whole new theme. The basic concept is the following: You start at the main room. Use the portal machines to visit the chambers and gather all the eye balls. Bring them to the main room and open the gate leading to the next chapter.

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Chapter III?
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It's alive again? Yes! (Double posted on accident. They really need to add a delete button for peoples own comments)

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Skinnycap Author

I delete the comment for you :)
This time it really will be released! for sure

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portal 2 plz. better engine.

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Skinnycap Author

The problem is that. Do have to remake the hole chapter 1 and 2 then? :( or just keep it have that design it have already?

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I would do whatever I wanted.

Do you want to make Ch 3, or something slightly different, or significantly different?
Do you want to make Ch 3 for P1 or P2?
Do you want to remake Ch 1&2 on P2?

I would make it a P2 mod (whether it be Ch3 or a new mod that has P:Memories tie-ins) and I wouldn't remake Ch1&2. Of course, I am not you.

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Hello everyone!
people have been asked about what happen to chapter III?

Today one more asked me on my facebook page www.facebook.com/MartinSkinnycap
about the chapter III

So well okey.
here it is.
I have made 2 chambers fully worked and halfway in chamber 3 and i have drawings on chamber 4.

About this picture.
I have lost the textures so i have to make new onces. and this is just a beta picture just to show you guys that the chapter III is real!
I don't know why i stopt working on this one.

Should the chapter III be released in Portal 1 or Portal 2?

do you looking forward for this chapter?

Like me on facebook to show me that you want this and make feel supported by your feeback!

Thank you guys!!

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