In an alternate timeline where the Battle of Endor did not transpire well for the Rebels, fight for power in a new war as the Black Sun Pirates, Empire, or Mandalorians. Featuring two converted factions, graphical enhancements, new nonplayable factions, GCs, and more.

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Mandalorian Atmospheric Fighter
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okay i fell this misses in the discription so i will explain, the waepons this unit uses are rockets, the are launched from those hanging parts on the bottum of the wings.

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foreverrussia1 Author

That isn't going to be in the mod, it only has projectile lasers (medium power/slower rate of fire).

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lol then i need to adjust the model since it doesnt have laser cannons.
actually the hole model since its wing models are based on that fact.

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Class: Air Superiority fighter: Ground Based/Atmospheric.
Faction: The Reborn Mandalorians
Model: AF-26S by 237th_SC_com_bly
Designer: MandalMotors Atmospheric Aircraft Design Bureau. _237th_SC_Com_Bly
Manufacturer: MandalMotors

A highly advanced and powerful air superiority fighter. Atmospheric fighters differ from their cosmic counterparts by a huge margin. Space and atmospheric air wars are highly different, because of the simple factors of air and clouds, much needs to be changed; the airframe, the engines and the computers (to be more adjusted to this sort of warfare). The Mandalorians saw this difference and understood that exploiting it could be key on the battlefield. While the Empire and Black Sun simply pulled their space fighters into the fray, the Mandalorians, created a special bureau for research on atmospheric combat, to make the perfect plane for this sort of war. The solution, turned out as cheap as space fighters, but this zone was much less competetive, and this fighter fared much better at it's tasks that it's space equivalents. The fighter is a master of precision and speed. It is the fastest unit on the land battlefield, this characteristic, makes it highly proficient in atmospheric dogfighting which is much more individualistic than the squadron based space combat. While it's weapons may not be the strongest, and it's armor is downright lackluster, it has light shielding, and while one shot is possible in a 1v1 dogfight, two, in quick succession; is just plain luck. It's near flawless precision, also allow it to conduct anti-air-defense 'Wild Weasel' operations. Ground based air defense are notoriously inaccurate, it's area-of-effect weapons style supposedly makes up for this, but not against a fast fighter, especially one that can make it's shots count. And that is this fighter exactly.

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