A mod developed by Vornne based on M&B warband engine which is designed to create a realistic medieval world including a faction system with build-in diplomacy and a full economy with a harvesting/crafting/selling system. In PW, with server populated by hundreds of players, fight for your own life and build your own legacy. You will be able : - Harvest crops, cook food, drinks and hunt down animals for meat. - Craft weapons, armours and horse out of raw resources. Do you part in the economy to provide gears for others players. - Wage war for territory and capture enemy castles - Master a huge map and build your own empire.

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A brilliant mod -- It has been active in the Warband community for 2 years and has been professionally developed throughout that time. Great for roleplaying or faction wars.

You can never experience everything in this mod. There's simply so much to do, and so much fun to have.

Persistent Cancer, commoners helping others, admins jerking off doing absolutely nothing and spawning money to those who do even deserve it. The Admins have no purpose, if this mod died i bet the amount of autism would get cleansed, i am waiting for a better version of this in bannerlord and if it may be retarded as it is there as well, i can only pray it to die again..

great mod :D



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Pipi Suyu

Its quite good but can be tedious due to lack of stuff to do :)

Good made, the map and everything. You join the server, join a faction, get killed and lose all your money. That sucks. Plain and simply ********. They kill the new guys that come in, to get your stuff. Not fun. 5/10 Rating

I've found this mod long ago, but started playing it a week ago and I must say that I already love it ! It's something really different and it's amazing ! I recommend this for everyone who loves RP.

This mod is awesome, not gonna lie I do hate it sometimes but it is so fun to play with friends.

-Roleplay is great for people who are on the right server.

-Clans can go onto a server, start a faction and start a war, if with a clan you can get a organized siege with ladders being build.

-When starting out you have a choice to either beg for money, cut down trees, mine or even craft weapons and armour for a faction to get gold

-You can spend hours and hours without realising how long you have been playing.

-Some factions will actually take prisoners and make you fight to the death for freedom.


-There are outlaws who tend to RDM

-Crafting could be better by making the blades, hilts etc

-Some servers are very unfair to new players, for example when I started, I asked for help and all I got was a kick for "spamming" but that was a long time a go.

-Not very fun when you get robbed for everything

Overall I rate this mod a 9, it's very fun to play and if you can successfully pull off a trip to the mine and sell, you will feel very relieved that you were not killed or robbed, although some people will get very jealous and try to troll you, I have had it before where I have been on a server, collected 310k's worth of gold and then 3 people who were walking about decided they were going to attack us, the 4 I had guarding me had tried to fight but unfortunately failed as they were taken from their horse in seconds. Admins can be great if on the right server, they can deal with your problems quite quickly, just try not to be hostile, from my experience it doesn't end well, but some are kind and will listen to you and put themselves in your place, they will refund you like I was. Just be prepared to lose your things, the mod is very much worth a try, if you are in a clan, somebody in there surely has played the mod.

This used to be so so so fun, its gone downhill a bit but just search up on youtube how good it once was I loved this so much and got through some **** cos of this mod :D

This mod is a one of a kind mod and I'm surprised that nobody has tried turning this into a full game. Everything in this game is created by players, the whole economic system of the game keeps everything flowing.

The only major issue I have with this mod is not the mods fault, its the servers fault, the admins on the servers are rarely ever active and when they are they don't deal with RDMers (Players who kill randomly).

Overall this mod is brilliant but do be aware that some players are hell bent on ruining everybody else's experience.

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