Main features:

  • Up to 8 castle owning factions (which native multiplayer calls teams) and two extra categories: commoners, which is for players joining the game, changing between the main factions, or who want to play alone, and outlaws, which players who repeatedly kill team members in a short time are restricted to.
  • Troop types are not selectable before spawn: you need to pay money and train for a certain amount of time with one of the factions. Some troop types have special abilities, like engineers for building, doctors for healing, brigands best at lock picking, and serfs for the dirty work.
  • Troop type, faction, gold, and more are saved every few seconds and restored when rejoining the server, until the mission ends or the server crashes; all data is wiped at the start of the next mission (map / round / game / whatever).
  • Enhanced item buying scene props, which combine buying, selling, stockpiling, and crafting; showing the item stats. Most weapon, armour, and horse stockpiles require crafting by engineers from resources before they can be bought from.
  • Destructible trees and mines to harvest resources; trees regrow after being cut down, and mines respawn after longer periods.
  • Systems for gathering food, which is a requirement for healing by resting at a bed: fishing, growing wheat for making bread and beer, grapes for wine, and animals for meat. Animals can be herded and butchered with the appropriate skill, which gives meat for eating and hides to make leather for crafting.
  • Repairable and buildable scene props, like doors, ladders, walls, and bridge s. Doors can be locked, able to be opened by players in the correct faction, and able to be lock picked by others. Improved moving portcullises, drawbridges, a new ferry boat, and a lift platform.
  • Doors which teleport players to the location of the other linked door, so the native interior meshes can be used, underneath the terrain.
  • Ships that can be sailed, ideally with two players; they can also be damaged, repaired, and sunk.
  • Castles that can be captured, which changes the door locks, flags, and more.
  • Castle faction lords, which are players voted in by a faction poll; they can set the faction name, banner, withdraw money from the castle chests, access a unique troop type, and give door and chest access permissions.
  • Money bag items to transfer gold between players. Loot bags are dropped when a player dies, taking a small amount of their gold, and all weapons should be dropped.
  • The ability to loot armor off corpses for a very short time after their death; approximately 30 seconds.
  • Various carts and chests which can be used to store weapons, armor, and other items in; different cart types can be attached to either to horses or player characters to move them around. Some ships also have a hold for storage.
  • Player invulnerability for 10 seconds after spawning (you cannot attack or be attacked).
  • Doctors can heal badly injured players up to a limit of their skill, while resting on beds is for fully healing lightly injured players, using food.
  • Outlaw ratings for players which are increased by team killing and decrease slowly over time. If a player's outlaw rating is too high they are set to the outlaws faction, and when they die they can only train as the available outlaw troops until their rating drops low enough.
  • Various messaging systems for chatting to players nearby, in the same faction, or any server administrators connected; with a toggleable overlay to show the last 11 lines of local chat.
  • Various administrator tools.
  • An optional feature to use an external web server to restrict player names and clan tag prefixes to specific player serial numbers, kick players using invalid characters in their name, and to set specific permissions to admin tools for each player. One name server could be used for multiple Warband PW servers.
  • More ways for scene makers to adjust how the game mode works by setting edit mode scene prop values; things like associated castle, gold value multiplier, linked scene prop, initial state, initial hit points, scene time of day, and which factions are available.
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PW4.3 Full download

News 3 comments

Here the new version 4.3.
It has been up on the official forum since a while now, but i would like to apologize for not being able to put it beforehand.

The Nomad Adventure Monks
Invasion Before an attack...

Otherwise find the change log below and the full download in download area.

PW4.3 Full download

Change log 4.3

  • Add a "feudalism" game type where exporting only transfers to the castle chest, and resource stockpiling is free.
  • Add a "permanent death" game type where dying resets to a peasant commoner with no money.
  • Replace the scene prop hit points bar with a new custom system.
  • Convert another native ship mesh to be sailable (ship_b).
  • Enable filling item chests with preset load outs at mission start.
  • When discarding armor with the action menu, drop it in a static item container, like the corpses when killed.
  • Darken the chat overlay background, for better text clarity with some faction colors.
  • Increase resource values for wood and iron items, making repairs more efficient.
  • Increase the amount of salt stored in a sack; add a stockpile for excess salt piles.
  • Increase the amount of wheat and grapes per harvest cycle, reduce resource requirements for wine making.
  • Increase the amount of meat and hides from some animals.
  • Make multiple animals move when using a herding staff, depending on skill.
  • Reduce herd animal hit points.
  • Make fish schools more likely to cause ripple effects or splash sounds.
  • Reduce fish school movement speed.
  • Construction boxes that can be used to cover other stockpiles or training stations until built.
  • Enable setting rotating doors to start the mission destroyed.
  • Reduce engineering skill to craft a hunting crossbow from 3 to 2.
  • Tweak the flax plant shader to make them show up properly in "DirectX7" (FFP) mode.
  • Set some values needed for the herdsman troop to work correctly, forgotten when first added (respawn health and stats chart ordering).
  • Don't subtract 1 from player kills when it was a member of a friendly faction.
  • Allow setting the initial amount for burnable wood heaps.
  • Fix a bug in the crafting reward calculation script.
  • Increase the damage dealt by the admin tool to kill a player, just in case.
  • Make the admin panel default to the current game type.
  • Name server: implement pagination for the player names list.
  • List castle names with numbers in the editor.
  • Add requested banners.
EUA 3rd Crusade Campaign

EUA 3rd Crusade Campaign

News 0 comments

Here is the upcoming event of EUA, the 3rd Crusade Campaign.

 [EUA EVENTS] Vote for the next  sunday event  (04/11 15h GMT)

[EUA EVENTS] Vote for the next sunday event (04/11 15h GMT)

News 1 comment

Hey guys. We are currently undergoing great change in EUA, for now we are keep improving river of sorrow to bring you the best experience possible For...

[EUA Events] Sea Battle 17:00 GMT Saturday 6th Oct

[EUA Events] Sea Battle 17:00 GMT Saturday 6th Oct

News 0 comments

The 06/10, ShipBattle's event at 17:00 GMT. Objective: A mother ship on each side to serve as a base. And 2 big ship on each side for a battle. There...

[EUA Event] ShieldWall 07/10 14:00 GMT

[EUA Event] ShieldWall 07/10 14:00 GMT

News 0 comments

Event ShieldWall on the EUA Server. Server: EUA Password : NoTime: 14h00 GMT 07/10 Sunday the 7th of September Slots : 250 Event Type: Battle Duration...



Full Version 13 comments

Full download stable version Unzip in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mountblade warband\Modules\PW_4.5

Dedicated Server Package

Dedicated Server Package

Server 6 comments

For map makers and server hoster who want to set up a PW server

Optional French translation Patch

Optional French translation Patch

Patch 1 comment

extract into the languages directory inside your PW_4_beta4 module.

PW4.4 Full download

PW4.4 Full download

Full Version 49 comments

Full download stable version Unzip in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mountblade warband\Modules\PW_4.4

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Howdy friend! Your mod has been added into our new website under "Our Favorite Mods"! We wanted to inform you of that and let you know if you wish it to be taken down just let us know and we will (very sadly) remove it.

Here is a link to our website:

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When I use server filter and click compatible with module no servers show up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Says no servers are compatible please help.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i need help the mod say im on 4.4 but i look for servers it say PW_4.5 Im on PW4.4:( help

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I am about to download the mod - would you reccomend it? Is the mod alive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's so much alive, servers are almost full everytime, but the 80% of the community is just a bunch of ********. But worth a try!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

God, the PW community has got to be the worst out of all MB mods...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


When i downloaded it my screen went black as i loaded it in to play it and i still havent even played the game and its been 2 weeks since i downloaded it!!!!!!!!!!

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Highest Rated (7 agree) 10/10

A brilliant mod -- It has been active in the Warband community for 2 years and has been professionally developed throughout that time. Great for roleplaying or faction wars.

You can never experience everything in this mod. There's simply so much to do, and so much fun to have.

Jul 10 2012 by Saboteur100

Lowest Rated (4 agree) 1/10

I have tried one hour, to be a simple commoner...... TRYING TO CHOP WOOD WITH WOODCUTTER AXE!!!!!! But in that hour, i got rdmed, taxed little to no money...... Outlaw killing me cauz i have no money. ADMIN NOT DOING A SINGLE thing! After that. I finally reached to a tree with woodcutter axe, and than midwar! SOMEONE `ACCIDENTLY` Headshots me.... What the hell man.... I cant play this mod. Cant reach to a castle without a tax or ACCIDENTLY rdm. I cant do anything!! I wont play this ever till a server…

Jul 6 2014 by Dwarfbeard

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