Total Conversion (mod) for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Penumbra: Necrologue is a continuation of the Penumbra series made by Frictional Games. The game starts right where the last game in the series ended (Penumbra: Requiem). In our game you will see new objects, quests, textures, monsters and music. With the help of the latest HPL engine, this mod will be even more beautiful then the previous games. As huge fans of the original games, we kept the atmosphere exactly like the previous parts. The game is very story-driven and contains many objects that can be interacted with, along with clever puzzle designs.

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8 SwedishGames

Nov 1st, 2014 10 people agree 0 people don't
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Now, I really wanted to like this mod, but that never became a thing. There were annoying parts and wonderful parts and tbh it was mostly annoying.

Firstly, the fact that you used literally all Penumbra enemies really cheered me up. You also managed to implement the Hunter properly as well, which for most of the time has been a completely unknown enemy until today. Now I havent seen it yet in game, but I've seen a screenshot one of my friends sent to me. So fantastic job on that.

Now, here came the main reason this mod became annoying. In fact, I got ****** already at the first puzzle (where you tie the rope to the broken wall). The fact that I needed a hook as well was plain stupid. You couldve simply tied it to one of the broken pipes that was nearby.

And then I got the short-wave radio. Fixed that puzzle in no time, but after that it wasn't very clear what you had to do. Considering that I found a level door that was neither locked or blocked in any way, I assumed that's where I had to go. It represented a sewer level, which I was almost certain that I had to redirect the ice-cold water from the ladder in there. But no, I was wrong appearntly. All there was in there was a blocked passage with nothing there and just a wheel that I could turn to unlock a slight shortcut. Then I found out that the worm had appearntly made a hole in the ceiling where the short-wave radio was.

So, long story short, what's the point of that sewer level?

Now, what made me so depressed about this mod, was the lack of guidelines and clues what to do. Almost no hints were given and I had to look up at letsplays and guides on what to do very often. This made my gameplay of this become more frustrating and instead of getting in the immersion and atmosphere to the game, the players will instead think of trying to just beat it and be happy.

Now, I got to these spider and hunter parts as alot of people has mentioned about. I now see why. Especially the spider part. The spider part was absolutely impossible to do legit. The spiders are way too quick and way too deadly. The damage they deal ain't logical in any way and they are way too quick. As I've mentioned before, you MUST decrease the speed and damage for them.

The Hunter was quite nice and creepy as well and I didn't have that many problems as I thought I would, but it was still quite hard to do it. And when you spawned the roach infront of me might not have been the best idea. Surely, it's meant to get it harder and that I wouldn't mind. But the problem is that you're quite injured at that point and it would most likely take one hit for it to take you down. I got through that part after around 10 attempts, but the roach spawning in front of you might not be necessary.

And when I got to the temple... I'm gonna be honest here, I've never in my whole life been this bored playing an Amnesia mod. The reasons are that it's quite linear. Surely, it was detailed nicely but other than that, those tunnels had nothing more to give. Then I got to the parts with the maze with letters. What the hell are you supposed to do there? I actually had to abuse glitches to get through that part.

But most parts were quite nice, but the problem was that too many parts were boring and frustrating. If you could make a patch where you fix the problems I've mentioned above, it might be worth a 10/10 in the future.

- Lack of hints
- Too hard events
- Lack and boring areas

But other things are very well done. Levels are quite interesting and the atmosphere is great. I just hope that these things I mentioned above gets fixed one way or another.


malevnik says
10 malevnik

Dec 26th, 2013 4 people agree 0 people don't

Просто потрясающе!
Вы проделали огромную работу и заставляете взглянуть на Амнезию по-новому. Меня постигло глубокое разочарование, когда игра вдруг резко оборвалась..
Чудесная озвучка, все продумано до мелочей - вы молодцы! Жду не дождусь полной версии - и желаю вам успехов, и места в команде Frictional Games.

HumiliatoR says
9 HumiliatoR

Dec 25th, 2013 4 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Maybe the most atmospheric demo I ever played, everythig is almost perfect, I just like more "english language on the voice actors" but still everything is just planned perfectly, scares, puzzles, atmosphere is just really creepy to play through this one of the best demos ever.
I like how it's so much different from other mods I have been played recently.

Can't seriously wait full version!

Phenomenal - 9/10

Vovan4ik1996 says
10 Vovan4ik1996

Dec 25th, 2013 4 people agree 1 person doesn't

This is Amazing! It's Beautiful=)

KonaT says
10 KonaT

Dec 25th, 2013 4 people agree 1 person doesn't


Lazzer6 says
10 Lazzer6

Nov 1st, 2014 2 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

I have been waiting for this mod to be released since long time. I felt like i'm going to love it. I even gave the demo 10/10 when you released it.

First of all, to be clear, it's amazingly hard to me to review this, because of the mapping, scripting, computer interfaces, voice acting, sounds, music and atmosphere, which completely resembles Penumbra and that's marvellous thing and congrats for acheiving that.

However, those are, unfortunately all the positives I can say about that mod.

Where do I start?

First, the puzzles. As my friend Neelke (SwedishGames) said, the first puzzle was completely non sense, since you could simply hook up the rope on one of the pipes, so I don't see a point in wasting time and looking for a hook.

After that puzzle I was like okay, maybe im just dumb and it took me so much time because of that.

Another example of a puzzle i didnt like was the padlock melting one. Like, seriously, Philip? You really need to make acid in order to destroy small and propably weak padlock? Why couldn't you take I don't know, a brck maybe?

When I got to the residental area, I was disoriented and confused as handicapped child lost in school. I spent 2 hours here, being like "Dafuq am I doing here?". I got the three fuses, everything was goin cool, untill i reached the guy with axe (by the way that event was just masterpiece). That tuurngait infected **** (I'm sorry for swearing) killed me fifteen times before I managed to discover the way out of this map, leading to the room with computer where you talked to Amabele. I was like "meh, k, every mod has difficult parts" and don't get me wrong - I love difficult stuff, but not in the way you guys made in the mod, but about that you'll read later.

When I entered the part with gas, and Hunter I ended my walkthrough for now. For me its impossible to beat it. I have no clue what to do, what to look for, in the room with not - working lever I absolutely can't think about anything (if i manage to get there alive, out of my 30 tries i managed to get to that room only twice). The hunter is just so op that he made me first time ever rage quit a game.

Still, the mapping and atmosphere is perfection, but gameplay is very weak. For me it mostly based on raging and being stuck in the most stupid ways.

I changed my mind. Instead of 8, this deserves 10.

BadcatDoesAmnesia says
8 BadcatDoesAmnesia

Nov 1st, 2014 2 people agree 0 people don't

I gave this a 8/10 cause there where some hard parts that might make you rage quit, but overall I really loved this mod with a large passion. :)

The mapping is just marvelous, gives you that old penumbra feel, just like playing the old original penumbra series, thnx guys.

The scripting is just how it should be

The parts I found negative at this mod was, that int he spider caves part where 7 spiders chase you. I found that unfair cause the spiders are fast as **** and they kill you like after 4 hits and u just have to turn this valve that takes forever while being bitten by those spiders. :/ which imo took me 92 tries to attempt that level, not even kidding here. It just takes the fun away and the immersion and just gets frustrating and no one wants that.

Overall the whole mod was just fantastic
I was gonna give this a 10/10 but after experiencing some frustrating parts I just had to make that a -1, sorry guys

MrJerry says
10 MrJerry

Dec 25th, 2013 2 people agree 0 people don't

В стиле первых двух частей Пенумбры, замечательно!

GMassacre76 says
10 GMassacre76

Dec 25th, 2013 2 people agree 0 people don't

Игра шикарна!!!

zoomos says
10 zoomos

Dec 25th, 2013 3 people agree 1 person doesn't

It was well made with attention to detail, I didn't see anything out of place or empty maps.

I would actually say this being a demo, it's one of if not the best Amnesia mod on this website.


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