You are on vacation in the south of France, invited by an old friend who settled there a few year ago. Not far from the village stills stand the ruins of a very old castle, set on top of a massive rocky spur. Not much remains of the ancient fortress but a few collapsed walls already erroded by time. Yet you've decided to give it a closer look, after all the view from the top of that mountain would be breathtaking by itself. You are there, wandering amongst these old stones, when the rain starts pouring down. You are looking for some shelter, when suddenly...

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Enjoyed this CS and also feared some parts too. However, there are some things you could improve:

--> Use more paragraphs in the letters to make them more appellative to read: people will look at the walls of text and be turned off immediately, relying in the mementos instead, only to find later that the letters actually had hints in the middle of the text.

--> Some stuff was really hard to find like the crowbar and the key in the excavation site. No hints were given towards the crowbar at all. The rope was also hard to get as well because it didn't allow me to move the bed properly

--> Some mementos didn't go away after finding out the stuff needed. For example, I thought that the explosive had to be used on the excavation part because the memento stood there even after picking up the key.

I could have easily given you a 10 but let's face it: your CS is too hard unless people forget about the antidote or watch a walktrough.

Remember that puzzles are important but shouldn't be overly complex because it breaks the horror mood. The original amnesia had puzzles as well but they were pretty straightforward (the one in the control room in the cistern wasn't thought...)

This should have been a 10/10. I really did like this custom story. It was well written and the idea was wonderful and it was pretty long. The reason for the 5/10: It was just too damn confusing. Not labels for doors or areas and it doesn't tell you just what you need to do and where you need to go so most of the time I was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off. However as it was so well written, I will be tracking you for future custom stories.


daortir says

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There is quite a lot to be said about that Custom Story. First of all, we can see you put a lot of work in it, it is very detailed, the plot is interesting and the writing is amazing. Level design is good as well, I wouldn't call it badass but it is nice.
There are a few reasons why I wouldn't put a 10 out of 10 for that CS, though. First of all, the lack of lighting is really annoying. I understand that it is hard to find a creative way of lighting underground levels, but that clicking sound is really obnoxious. I'd say that the monsters aren't a real difficulty either. I'm thinking about the Cells, where the monsters spawns so fast and where you kinda have to die straight away. It's not frustrating, it is just useless. Spawning a monster that kills you is no better than teleporting naked guys.

I hope you'll keep making awesome CS !


Evulant says

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A very well done custom story. The storyline has a lot of depth, which I liked a lot. You really want to know what has happened in those dungeons. Also, it had some difficult puzzles. However, there were some things I didn't like:
1. The bed which has the rope hidden beneath it, but you are not able to move it properly.
2. The music when you read the note about Salim getting insane, which would not vanish. It really got annoying after a while.
3. While the story itself had a lot of depth, the ending was more like ''YOU LOSE!'' or ''YOU WIN!''. Quite the out of character ending.
4. The probably-bugged ending. Maybe because RemoveTimer("CannotMove") doesn't work, but I'm not sure.

I think this is a great custom story with a nice environment and it well deserves 9/10.

Highly inventive and richly detailed custom story full of scares and unsettling atmosphere. Amazing map design along with a very hard difficulty level.Fantastic storyline that keeps you pulled in from the beginning til the end. Merciless puzzles. A must-play for any veteran Amnesia player.

This cs was very oppressive from the very beginning, and that was a good thing! Very atmospheric throughout the entire story. Many WOW WTF-moments from still seeing how creative the modders can be with this games engine!

Only minus comes from the fact that I couldn't combine hammer and chipper (thus not being able to finish with the good ending), but I understood that is some technical problem and probably out of creators hands.

9/10 highly recommended, however not for beginners!

Absolutely a "must have" in any Amnesia CS collection!

The beginning is just amazing. Do you care to slow down the player even more and make the area darker? Nothing but walking through corridors with no light. Totally boring, didn't play it for more than a few minutes. "Top notch level design"? No. Definitely no. Stone corridors, rocks, debris. That's all? No other sense of detail? No "notes on the screen", nothing. At the beginning I fall down (of course a cave-in, very common here) and that's all I know about the story. What about at least "Ah, that hurts" note after the fall?

Ok, let’s start with positives. I really enjoyed the level design and how all maps were connected. I also liked the scripting with global varieties and how your actions impacted the whole story and all maps. I also liked the story telling and notes, it was exhausting to read it all, but I enjoyed it none the less. Now negatives…there were several bugs, which made me stuck in certain parts and unable to play again. This brings me to the second biggest problem and that is AUTOSAVE. There were NO AutoSaves at all, therefore when you crashed the game or got stuck, you had to replay the whole game. Is it really that hard to script an autosave at the beginning of each map? I don’t think so. Also the puzzles were sometimes impossible to complete without the walkthrough, for example, invisible key or crowbar hidden under the stones. Another thing there was like million grunts and brutes at the end and it turned incredibly frustrating. More is not always better. Also there were just too many locked doors and lot of keys without any proper description to where they belong. You have a key and description ‘a key’, well that helped me a lot. I do not consider running around the maps in search of keys a quality puzzle. I really wish I could rate more but at the end I was so frustrated and tired from all the stupidities that I just can’t. Overall I liked the maps and your hard work which you put into it, but there is still a lot of space for improvements.

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