Outpost 16 is a single-player level for HL2:EP2 that has a cinematic, moody tone with custom voice acting, models, scripted sequences and music.

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Cool mod !


good good mod!xd!


Xyloto says

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I came into this thinking I would be playing alongside Gordon Freeman. Needless to say you don't, and this wasn't the extent of my complaints. The mod is really short, which I wouldn't mind, if the near entirety wasn't built by running on an extremely narrow ledge that I fell off many times, and puzzles that the mod gives you no direction on what to do. Add the fact that each is time relevant and that if you don't start to do something within 5 seconds you will lose. The final battle and setting did do a bit to redeem this qualities, and the fact that I felt that this could have been from an official Half-Life continuation did help a little, but just a little. Overall this is a completely avoidable mod.

*Also there is dialogue that is pretty decently written, but the audio is so poor that the voices are hard to understand, and barely any of the models actually show that they are talking.


Meki says

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Too short. I spent most of my time on the ledges and that wasn't fun at all :(

This was amazing, one of the most exciting experiences i had since i finished the HL2 series. You guys rocked, decent employment of characters; creative script play; fair distribution of equipments and supplies according to the moment; amazing voice acting; energetic soundtrack and astonishing environments, storyline was simple but convincent enough to justify the events, the experience of watching the resistance struggling against the combine onrush on that devastated battlefield was nothing but epic, the classic feeling of advancing on the sly and then assisting your troops by pwning all enemies by the back with a surprise long range attack was like "EPIC WIN", small puzzles on the pathway were cool as well and nothing beats that mad fight at the end. My only complaint is the ilogical placement of the rocket launcher, it would be better if a resistance member carryng the bazooka entered the room when the gunship showed up and delivered it to you.

The game is too short and has only two maps. Voice scenes are too long and melodramatic. Music to loud and cannot turn down to hear instructions from Alex. Very forced game path. No illusion of choice.


Nice mod.

such good mapping skill and the gun fights where fun and i enjoyed it. felt like real war


Yes, this mod have good music and models. But it's only ONE, short level, and not that awesome, how it can be able to be.
And I understand that it couldn't be longer (author just wanted to show his skills). But really, he is working in "id Software" right now? Sorry, but it could be better.

An explosive mod with plenty to offer in such a short timespan!

However, I didn't like Alyx's voice acting. The actor was marvelous it's just that her writing didn't fit Alyx at all. Alyx is determined and rational, the Alyx in this mod is crude, brash and almost dimwitted.

The action is very short as well, and not to mention it is VERY easy to die in the introduction sequence if your not fast enough of a shooter.

However, the set-piece is amazing and the cinematic physics are awesome!

Give this a try, but don't expect gold at every turn :(

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