Outpost 16 is a single-player level for HL2:EP2 that has a cinematic, moody tone with custom voice acting, models, scripted sequences and music.

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it takes only about 10 minutes to beat this game and for some reason there was no lip sync


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This mod, is well, bad. The story isn't explained and its very difficult to figure out what to do. "Just pick up a gun and start shooting." is one order given and by the point you've gotten to the gun your objective is dead. The people who put this together didn't expect to give anybody any sort of reaction time. This is honestly the worst mod i've played gameplay wise.

This is a Very good story mod even though it is very short but I would love to see it in full length one day as I now love this mod so very much and that is no lie. ^^ The detail put into the custom content and other detail is absolutely astounding and I grealy look forward to the continuation of this very amazing story as I now dearly love it! :D A truly perfect story that deserves to be continued and I give it a perfect 10/10 and even more for the voice acting is very good and all in all a very good story! X3


******* worst game I've ever played almost.


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