Otchlan Mod / Chasm Mod / Abyss Mod Mod is a species of Horror Mod is to be divided into two parts 1 - Adventure 2 - Action / Survival Mod is completely in Polish To transform the language of English is enough that someone willing to translate Write me I will give them the text and when they come to me translated Put them to mod a patch (of course his name or what Nick wanted to be there Information entered in the artists (Credits) :) Just hard to believe that I have to focus if I explain Applying the first part The action takes place in the module of the times between 2009 - 2010 somewhere in Europe Story The story is such a fashion unknown since the very end of the game we do not know or what happened or who we are The maps on which to play the dark (dark) Building Basement Subway Stations and Warehouses Our goal is to get out But soon it turns out that the escape will not be as simple Learn more and more things An additional hurdle opponents are but not to pose a high ri

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Will you be releasing the mod as a separate mod too? Because it looks awesome!
I'm impressed you managed to achieve this in such an old engine. Excellent work.

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LEADERgry Author

I want create two more mods to Deus Ex and later maybe UnrealEngine 3 ? I dont know yet

I want create better mod than Otchlan/Chasm becouse i cant do it on Unreal Engine 1 when I done this mod for Deus Ex
I will update it and begin make something else on new engine


(PhisiQue Mod not work without Otchlan)

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Oh well.

Neat. Good luck on your mod.

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Is this including any native code?

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This is Particle video test from PhisiQue Mod
PhisiQue mod has been inserted in Otchlan Mod for Deus Ex game

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