Story: Orion is the facility that formaly was known as BlackMesa. It started up again 3 years after the incident... Singleplayer mod for Half-Life, be sure to check our website and forums!

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Great level design. A little short- can be completed in 15-20 minutes- but it has a lot of mod packed into that 15 minutes.

This was pretty good. It just felt more like a map pack than a mod. The only real unique thing in this mod was the HUD change. But everything else was just the typical HL1. Still a good mod though.

It's one those short mods that while its short it does something few mods attempt to add a alternate path. Theres just one but it does wonders to make a area feel bigger, whats also great about the mod is the use of lighting and textures. The whole mod has a darkish tone than the standard mods we get here and one of the few that IMO make it look an official Half-Life mod. The use of textures is done extremely well giving each area its own feel, that made me quite excited to go onwards.
It does end on a abrupt note and there are non-sensical things like droping so far down and not getting hurt right at the beginning... and one part where you can't avoid getting injured by falling down from a vent (that wasn't nearly as far as the first fall you did O_o) weird.
There is one scripted sequence where a grunt somehow gets himself killed with his grenade, which I thought was weird.
The combat also wasn't much in terms of challenge although I liked the placement of the tentacle.
Overall a good coffee break.

You do not know what awaits you at the corners...

Fun gameplay, so-so mapping, and interesting language translations.

Overall, a seven.

Short, but sweet :)

I have to say, the level design was marvelous. I was disappointed by the overall length, but like Captain B.O said, there's alot condensed into this little mod :>


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