Onirica is a short, experimental and state of the art looking horror mod, which brings you to explore the darkest corners of hero’s mind.

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i give technically/athmospheric 10/10 points, but have to reduce it due the personal mood taste - i like positive, colorfull living environments.
but back to technical review:
nice waterdrops and bumpmaps on rainy sidewalk, excellent light/shadow effects and optimal set up viewdistances with always high FPS rates.
very nice fitting menu (if no video is played (which is standart colofull tropical FC menu video ^^).
intresting fact that you can't jump/duck/crouch. some parts of the game are a MUST SEE, i never have imageined that someone could do such things with cryengine.
--------->spoiler below--
-mod does not contain zombies ;(

This mod not only excels at the question "Is this really done on Far Cry 1?!" with its original graphic effects, twisted architecture and dark-dream-like atmosphere but also simply offers a thought-provoking and sometimes scary journey for everyone enyjoying experimental and exploratory interactive experiences!




This is good mod. Very atmospherical.

Very good mod, I like the changes to CryEngine, like the film grain, the bloomy, atmospheric areas of the mod, I instantly thought this would be an excellent mod judging by the menu, and some parts of this mod is pretty scary, I enjoyed this playing this mod for the couple hours.
Recommended, its certainly a different.. yet good mod for Far Cry mod


dava4444 says

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enjoyed this mod/game. Would like to see an expansion pack.. for longer content and more story.. was the woman's lips in the picture his wife? was he soldier? is he in Dark Purgatory for a reason? .. even these questions make a story.. I remind myself that 'the stanley parable' started off simply.. I hope you to can expand and make this a full game. .. otherwise as you can read I VERY much enjoyed this mod. thank you for any and all hard work, to you BOTH! peace Dava.

its well done and makes an amneisa view.


Great atmosphere


The Art is exceptional. On top of that it's free.

A modification that portrays many attributes that most mods fail to present. Gloomy, explorational, mysterious, depressing, suspenseful, and basically all things that make the player want to know what and where they are.

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