Mars based Battlefield 2 full conversion MOD. Planned Short 6-8 month development cycle. Objective: Create a fun, fast paced but challenging Flight based FPS which will allow players to participate in large terrain battles with fast small ships requiring team work and communication. Game modes: Team King of the hill primarily for the first several builds. Details: 3 factions and 9 ships total are in development with each faction also having a compliment of statics. Maps: Large 4sq km maps based on real satellite imagery from Mars. Terrain will allow large scale ship based engagements.

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not so bad,


Very well done.

dude this is amazing

No so interesting
You can only explore the map and i doesnt have AI support
I like the vehicles and guns,but you cant leave ships :(
The kits in-game contains the original guns

Even with that you have 6 for it
Make some good ambiance like wind and add AI support
After this requirements are respected,i will change this review



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