Nuclear Winter is a single player mission for Half-Life Opposing Force. It comprises 29 new maps plus a ton of new scripted scenes, models, artwork, character voices, sound effects and music. Nuclear Winter was recently re released with Steam support. Opposing Force is no longer required. In the early 21st century the U.S. fight several anti-terrorist campaigns in the Middle East. Bickering in the world community over the morality of these campaigns eventually leads to the withdrawal of China and Russia from the U.N. Even NATO is divided and it soon becomes obvious that America's only real support comes from Great Britain. In 2009 the league of Arab nations invade and occupy Israel. The U.S. and Britain come to Israel's defense but it is a struggle that will eventually be lost. China and Russia are supplying arms and troops to the invaders. Tactical nukes are used in the offensive marking the first time nuclear arms have been used in war since WW2. Six months later, India...

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Nuclear Winter v2 Steam

Nuclear Winter v2 Steam

Apr 27, 2010 Full Version (66.17mb) 2 comments

Steam version of Nuclear Winter, which seems to be very hard to find. This mod is really great and worth playing. HL OPPOSING FORCE IS NOT REQUIRED, JUST...

Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter

Feb 5, 2010 Full Version (22.36mb) 9 comments

Nuclear Winter is a single player mission comprising of 29 new maps plus new scripted scenes, models, voices, sound effects and music.

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Released Oct 27, 2007
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