Nightstalker's Universe Mod has been in the works for 9 years, the mod itself has gone though many incarnations including being rewritten several times. The concept of NSU is to give SciFi junkies what they are looking for. There are several sections of the mod dedicated to different SciFi Shows such as, BSG, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Firefly, and Star Wars. There are several sections of the mod that come from different ideas I have come up with and each system is uniquely different with custom suns, starspheres, and a few planets. The Mod has a lot to offer for a wide range of players. At the start you are given 5 choices though the use of one way jump holes (one in ST, SW, B5, Nightstalker Space, Terran Alliance Space). There are also 4 unique Factions in the mod, including Rogue Asteroids, Comets, Derelicts (Moving wrecks), and monsters (They hurt too). There is an update coming but I do not have a date as of yet for release.

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A lot of potential here, on the NSU mod.
I would have given it a 10 if there was a open single player
But NS wants it only as Multi-Player, shame really.
But with that aside, this mod has everything for the Sci Fi Geek
in all of

Graphics on most of the ships are sharp and detailed, only a few
along with some stations that need a revamp.
Almost no trade lanes, but your cruise engine's are increased to
900 to cope with the large distance's, a 1000 cruise would be better as
that would be like warp speed.
There are loads of systems to explore, all have great music for you
to enjoy while traverling through the Galaxy.
If you want the best Sci Fi realated space sim mod based on Freelancer, then look no further, NightStalkers Universe is for YOU!!

What we need to do now is get this mod out there among the big wigs.
And if at all possible in the top 10 at least.
So Get voting ppl and Spread the word.




You like massive Battleships,with lots of weapons? You like huge space systems,with enormous planets? This mod is perfect for you,you can fly a Battlstar,or the Enterprise Galaxy Class,all big ships,from all known SiFi Series and films are here to pilot and fight against his own enemys,lots of systems and great secrets needs massive time to explore.

Excellent mod. Great community. Great content.

+10 for being a perfect mod

-2 for lack of singleplayer

In my opinion one of the best mods out there. It covers anything a SciFi fan could ask for. Great systems, great ships, great music and great people.
Yes, there are some imbalances and bugs, but that's the nature of the beast and will be resolved eventually.
I would love to be able to play this mod offline, i.e. when server is down or when it's just not possible to connect due to various reasons.
Open SP or even running it on Lan would be great.
I'm on this server for just over a year now, and have yet to get bored by it. Thumbs up to Nightstalker for a great mod.

Such a shame that one of the best mods for FL lies dead. US server has no players and ping of 500+, and when I tried to play it on LAN with friends - met with a nasty "surprise" from modmaker - there was no server packaged with it! Ok, I made my own server, edited version numbers - then it started crashing after start. Ok, fixed that too - and realized I can only fly around in starter system, the other systems seem broken on purpose - unless I want to review every possible detail in system files manually, searching for the crash reason, which I don't obviously, it stays broken for anyone wanting to play, me included.
Good job, hope it was worth it.


MarothZhel says

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Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I've always wanted a game that accessed the multiverse on a massive scale and this game does exactly that. You start off small, with a modest ship/ And right there you can pick out one of three types be it a babylon 5 Thunderbolt, a battlestar Viper, or a generic fighter.And then the real fun begins by choosing a home port.

The multiverse is by far the best part of the game. Following also the large battles be it PvP or PvE. And let's not forget the beautiful scores from our favorite shows and movies.

Really the only major con would be the money system. For beginners that can be a tough curve, but as stated this isn't a game for the week of heart. Even so the pure epicness is outweighed.

There is one small issue found in the game currently which is more or so an odd game mechanic. Minefields do not damage you ships if they are capitals or large in general. Instead they have a tenancy to get stuck. Which can be a problem should you choose the eclipse class star destroyer, which its only shipyard is sorrounded by an asteroid field.

All in all the game mod is well created, well done, and over all just fun and highly replyable. Good work Nightstalker. Lord Karom gives this masterpiece a 10/10!

add lan support at least damn it -.-


One of the best mods i've ever seen, in every games.
A really deep space to explore with most of the ships that all players dream to commmand. I really love to change the issue of a jedi/sith war by sneaking inside of the battle with my Normandy SR2, it permit great situations that all sci-fi fans dreamed for years !

I don't understand people who rate this mod with bad notes only because it's multiplayer only. If they can't try it, they can't rate it, so i would like to grow the rating because this mod deserve it !

And sorry for my poor english...

I loved the sooo many ships from all the sci-fi series I'm addicted.

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