This is a singelplayer and multiplayer modification for Mount and Blade: Warband. It covers a central theme of colonists versus tribes, with tribes taking inspiration from anything from aztecs, neolithic tribes and comanches/apaches. It is based in a fictitious land on an Island called New Elgante which is occupied by seven factions. The mod aims to convert the native world to this new setting. The game world and setting are entirely of my own imagination and I try to convey the world in a believable fashion. I am making this mod alongside writing several novels based inside the world.

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Wondering what I have been doing since the last release? In short I have been making steady progress but thanks to some of my team I have some really cool scenes to show off for the next version. Enjoy! :D

Posted by Crossbow_Joe on Oct 16th, 2011


- Ability to kill prisoners, including factional lords
- New Items
- Thanks to a contribution from Saipoon, Karkan, Rebel and Snake Lords now have redone facecodes and proper names.
- Various minor bugfixes
- Rebalanced troops
- New Dialogue


I have been working on making some tropical flora to go with the less temperate zones covered in my mod. Namely the Tribe of Snakes and the more southern Empire Colonies (Note the compass in the mod is currently pointing to the east as if it was north, I mean to fix it).


Thanks to a new Team Member, "Angry Newbie" who has contributed over 40 scenes to my mod I feel very happy about the mods current state when it come to exploring the map. Here are a few of them. I myself have made some Karkan scenes, but none of which I think is worthy if this epic gallery!



First snow:


Snake Village:

Tolrens outpost:

Akins Peak:


Merchants Paradise:

A city that has Grown extremely quickly, and with its proximity to Lundmen and the Alren tribe, has been forced to grow up instead of out.

Welcome to merchants paradise! sit down and have a drink and relax at our world famous riverside tavern!

Nobody knows why the Snakes built their great causeways. Some say that it was a tribute to one of their gods, the god of rain, storm and water. Others think they they serve as roads. All that is known for certain, is that the fortresses they built along them are neigh impregnable.


And finally is anyone has any suggestion about what I should be working on, feel free to tell me.

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lexyz123 Oct 16 2011 says:

Well adding smoke or something when guns shoot would be nice, and adding more variaty of armors since the current ones are mostly color variations of the same few armors, its not a complain just thought it would help.

Thanks for reading.

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Crossbow_Joe Author
Crossbow_Joe Oct 17 2011 says:

Good suggestion, I presume you are talking primarily about the standard colonial armour? That is a resultant of my reliance on OSP's for their uniform, but once I have the appropriate resources the Empires armour will significantly change to mostly plate armour and cloth.
As for the smoke, to my knowledge that is already in. It is a default feature of mount and blade, so I cannot see why it wouldn't show up.
Here it is in my game:
I am unsure of your settings but make sure particle effects is ticked.
Thanks for your comments!

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Deathhood98 Mar 27 2012 says:

It would be awesome if you could build up a settlement and get to the other island's even though there isnt a city. also dont add the ability to kill factional lords because it would make the game way to easy and the campaigns would be less effective.

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Crossbow_Joe Author
Crossbow_Joe Mar 29 2012 replied:

This report was for before the latest version.

Ability to sail from island to island is currently being worked on. As for the factional lords killing, its already in, but with some heavy penalties. So far I haven't heard of any complaints towards it affecting the balance.
Though maybe people just don't know about it

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Deathhood98 Mar 31 2012 says:

Yea i didnt know about it but yeah you should make it so you can start your own settlement but make it challagening to hold it from bandit attacks and stuff also if you do make it then make it so the faction leaders will offer to buy your settlement. Mostly just make the games colonization and management of areas better

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Crossbow_Joe Author
Crossbow_Joe Apr 1 2012 replied:

Difficult, but possible to an extent. Only way I can think of getting the factional leaders to buy your towns is if they offer for you to join their faction.
Whatever the case, settling would have to be restricted to some extent.
There are more important things to focus on for the next version however.

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Deathhood98 Apr 1 2012 replied:

Ok what are the important things you hope to add?

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Crossbow_Joe Author
Crossbow_Joe Apr 1 2012 replied:

Regional recruiting, wherein depending on where you recruit the troops they will change. Allowing for several troop trees in the one faction.
Currently I am implementing a few new minor factions.
Of particular importance is sea travel, of which I am having difficulty implementing.
Quests must be added as well.
Right now I am revamping the snakes, giving them a new troop tree and new armour and weapons

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Deathhood98 Mar 31 2012 says:

Oh yea when should the next update be out???

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Crossbow_Joe Author
Crossbow_Joe Apr 1 2012 replied:

About 1 month ago
I have gotten so swamped with university work that I barely have enough time to make a few models a week. I will be going on easter break in a few days though and I should be able to get organised and put up a progress update in that time. As for when I think it will be released, probably next month, but as you can see by my original estimation, don't hold me to it. There is no way to estimate the amount of free time I will have or the problems I may run in to.

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blaer14 Apr 28 2012 says:

you should make it so when you attack a castle the walls fall down when they get hit by artilary -wich should also be added

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Crossbow_Joe Author
Crossbow_Joe Apr 28 2012 replied:

You might as well have asked me to code in flying dragon mounts which shoot fire :P There is a reason artillery and destructible walls is not in Native, which is mostly because it would be exceedingly hard and probably buggy. There are a few ways but it wouldn't work ideally and would cause some problems.
If such a possibility to add this feature comes up (I know some mods are attempting it) then I might add it in, but until then there are some more important features to implement such as sea travel and battles ;)

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ulthwe2402 Apr 26 2013 says:

how can one kill the faction leaders?

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ulthwe2402 Apr 26 2013 says:

cant wait to kill me one of those pesky tribesmen lords

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