Tiberian Sun: NCM Revolution puts players right after the events of Firestorm and the destruction of CABAL. With both GDI and Nod low on manpower and resources, it has become a race to recapture land and Tiberium from defunct CABAL bases. This is the catalyst for a Massive and organized Civilian uprising, tired of constant Nod attacks and diminishing GDI support. This crates the National Civilian Militia, whose Goal is to protect the interest of civilians from Nod propaganda, GDI politics, and a dying tiberium infested planet. Its up to you, the Supreme Elect Commander of NCM forces, to make it Happen. Welcome Back Commander

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Okay I have to say that. The game has the great idea to make a storyline of the citizens (the new faction) and they make it a excelemt work just by seeing some images.

The real problem is... it crash a lot when I try to play campaign and even skirmish mode!!

It only works on TDF??? Also it has a fixed for run in TDF?? What happens if I got only the TS game (GDI/NOD/Firestorm)? It really dissapoint me.

For everyone who played the mod normally, can you tell me how you did? Don't answer me that I got to buy TDF in some store, PLEASE!!!

expertly done. i hope to see more mods like this in the near future for more games. for example, why not attempt to make a mod just like this that takes place right after the third tiberium war? all that defunct and decaying alien tech everywhere, and civil unrest turned uprising after Boyle nuked most of Europe and Kane lied to everyone.


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I always missed another faction that forgotten by weird EA Games....
And this mod help me to relief my sadness....
Thanks guys....


I think you should redo this


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