"I just wanted happiness. I just wanted a normal life, with no restrictions, with no one telling me what I have to do. "It wasn't my choice at all. Yet, it was. When I look back at those times, the times that brought me joy and incredible sorrow, are now the center of life. Why can't I get over it? My love may be gone, but my love will never die."

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Just a note: Nothing too specific as to avoid spoilers because I really hope that you play this, seriously; GO NOW!

Review: Good God. I loved this.

About the mapping (I feel this should be mentioned) it isn't exactly the greatest ever, but as soon as the story starts you won't care.

The voice acting was great (for the major characters). I could truly tell their emotions; I felt their anger, their love, their depression. Some of the minor character's sounded far off or distant but I can overlook that (not many VA's on the forums as it is).

The story was beautiful (a word I seldom use for custom stories) and it had me quickly. At parts I was shaking the monitor and almost yelling at it. It was just fantastic, really! I'd highly recommend this if you're interested in good story.

Overall: Decent Mapping, Great Voice Acting, and Beautiful Story. Get's itself a 10/10 because you don't see gems like this all too often.

A well made mod with an interesting concept. One of the few mods that is not dependent on the cheap scares and basically any horrors at all. Also it has Cry`s voice in it which is wonderful.

A Book story.
Without any scares makes the story Trustable

I would say that games are more like Narratives than any other medium, and the least like movies, movie conventions don't work in them.
This mod to me was more like a short story really with voice acting and a game environment. The advantage is you get to read other peoples letters which gives insight but than again you could put those letters into a novel...
The story does fit into Amnesia because Amnesia may be about horror, but it gives alot of room for stories about dreams/hallucinations and the main character was in a sort of dream re-living moments.

The trick to making people feel what the characters feel is by placing us in their 'moments'.
It's easy for a story like a love story to become sappy, its when you linger on those moments or reminiscing about them for to long, at the expense of character development and other things.

Theres no NPC's in Amnesia so without faces its all about the voice acting... this mod has good voice acting even from the side characters that play only a minimal part. This mod avoids sappy by giving us a proper introduction and what the characters feel and do before the love comes in.

But at the same time its a poor mod because its doesn't capitalize on a video games strength: interactive story telling and choice.
Invisible walls, linear path with key hunting to the next door, its all putting us in a leash.

You can put us in a leash but you can't make us bark. In other words, make us feel. The mod didn't make me feel but I will say it was a good attempt at it.

The story tells me, its bad to linger on the past.
And you shouldn't correct mistakes or punish evil unless it's beyond a reasonable doubt.

10/10 isn't really enough to describe the story of this mod.

it should be a little longer but it's very good

A definite 10/10. Great story, fun exploration. Makes you feel like a kid again in the beginning parts!

Map: 9/10 for some errors and being slightly confusing, but nothing whatsoever that would frustrate you.

Story: 10/10 Truly wrapped me in their world. I wish it was longer.

Voice acting: 10/10 The audio quality got slightly off at some points (you could hear they were recorded on a microphone) but that doesn't matter, they made the story feel so real.

Please do continue this mod style. Again, 10/10, don't miss out :)


SonOfLiberty796 says

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This story was phenomenal! Amazing!

The voice acting was the BEST I've ever experienced. When you, the main character, was speaking in an angry way, you actually can feel his anger. I felt his anger.

I even cussed at the part where the main characters dad said Mary was a "peasant" and "will die in a couple of months". I was so into the story!

Only reason why it's not a 10/10 is because of some mapping issues (not major really, but still, some may find it annoying.

Also, the audio quality wasn't so great, but hey, I dealt with it and everyone else has (and has to anyway) but I am kind of picky (sorry about that -.-).

But if it wasn't for those reasons (and other tiny ones) this would of been a 11/10, way better than 10!


I was stunned at how amazing this custom story was.
I wasn't expecting much, but I can safely say that this custom story was absolutely stellar.

The ending was somewhat confusing, but I get it, and I would love to see another custom story like this.

Probably the best mod I've ever played, it was so touching and I could actually feel the fear and anger from the characters. Best voice acting ever. I love this mod.

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