MERP is a total conversion modification of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Explore Middle-earth in a fully open-ended environment like you've never seen before. Play races like Elves, Men, Hobbits and Dwarves and take part in the War of the Ring.

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Jan 2 2011 Anchor

You can delete this post after if you want and sorry about the long list of questions, i'm kinda into this project like a madman, but there you go :P...
1) Will we have to specifically play as Frodo on the main quest, or can we accompany him or the others in their quest storylines? (I'm a bit of a bloodthirsty war veteran when it comes to oblivion, so i would like to see some major battles i can take part in)
2) Can we play as an orc on the bad side? or will that take too long? (to be honest, this is just out of curiosity, i hate being orcs, and the sooner the mod is done, the better)
3) What are you gonna do about side quests? ( a few about hunting and killing some orc parties with a group of men would be fun, but i would love to also do some of these ancient artifacts (like numenorean artifacts and high elven scrolls etc)
4) Will there be add-ons? Like an Expansion pack dealing with The Hobbit, and the fall of numenor (as these are both unfilmed (the hobbit is being filmed) i would like to see someone's personal ideas

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