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Nov 2 2010 Anchor

Hey guys, I've noticed all normal threads are blocked, the MERP site is for invited only, so... I don't know if I'm missing something, and if I am, I'm REALLY sorry for that!

But I thought it is easier just to start this forum thread.

So, I am not a modder, but I have been a beta tester of few, and play oblivion for many years, alternated between more than 400 mods, big ones, and small ones.

I have read much of LOTR, and believe I might be able to help in a few historic details.

Ideas like "What about Tom Bombadil?" could come up in my head, to help =)

My msn:
(you can send mails to me there to.)

Why I want to help?
Well... let me tell you this little story:
Before Oblivion, I used to play a medieval war game called "Mount And Blade", very good indie games, lots of mods to. Lol. One day, I wanted a dragon mod, I had read Eragon, and perhaps someonde had created such a mod, so I could be a dragon rider O.o, and I went to the game forum, searching for a dragon mod. Well, I did'nt found it, but I've found something MUCH better.
A guy asked for a dragon mod in a thread, and someone replied that there was none for M&B, but that in Oblivion, the modders had something like it. "Oblivion"? I thought, never heard of it, so I went google to know the game. Perfect, I loved it, and then bought it in a web store.

Why am I saying this? Dam... I forgot! But I'll leave it anyway, then you can know why I started at Oblivion anyway... haha

Then I fell in love for this game, where I could be whatever I wanted to. After the "Main Quest Delayer" mod, I could REALLY have no ties to the main quest! Roleplay whatever I wanted however I wanted! AWESOME!
So you can see how important oblivion is to me, a small time of the day so I can forget about everything, and Just play a role I want to. It can be a terrible assassin, who enters in peaple's houses and murders them, not rare amongst the players of this game, peaple just LOVE to be evil, don't they? Or it can be a shoopkeeper who lives in Chorrol, with his wife, and sell's magical stuff, and works as an alchemist for the mages guild... or a great warrior, who fight against oblivion, gains Ocato respect and becomes the count of Kvatch! And another character I love, my Druid, a old bearded Breton, who is a great writer of fantasy tales, stories of his adventures, teachments, anyway, a hermit Druid of the woods of Cyrodiil.

So of all I said, notice this: Shop Mod at Chorrol, Companion Mod (the wife of the Alchemist), Kvatch Rebuilt Mod for the warrior, Druid mod, Gray Beard Mod, Writing Mod... you can see that my characters NEED the mods I download to be complete!

Then, you peaple come up with this, a Lord Of The Rings (something that I love) Lore Based Mod, not only with lots of great Ideas, great intentions, and TOTALLY AWESOME SCENERIES!!!!!!! I mean, YOU WANNA KILL ME? THIS IS TOO MUCH! lol! Its perfect, I believe it is the dream of every reader to become a part of the world he's reading about, at least a big part of them. And now I can live in middle earth? Your mod is a blessing of Talos!

So that's why I am offering my help (which I believe will be small, for I bet many of you has far more knoledge of LOTR than me, althought I've read Unfinished Tales, The Hobbit, and the 3 books of the LOTR, I see that you guys know a lot just by the comentaries on the screenshots (and they are SOME screenshots huh?), so if in the end I have only contributed with only a few details ideas, you don't even have to have the trouble to put me in the credits, all I want is to offer whatever aid I can give =)

I am offering my help, because this mod is a huge undertake, a revolution in TES Mods, a dream to finally come true.

wow, what a huge post O.o lol sorry guys

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