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Jun 6 2011 Anchor


I am applying to help with music composition (sound effects or music, I can do both) and quest writing foremost. I am heavily into Tolkien lore and I think I can contribute a lot to both these areas. (For composing music, I usually do piano [for more intimate themes eg. exploring or indoors] or full orchestral [battle themes, more uplifting exploring themes], but I can do smaller arrangements if you want).

Also, I have a basic understanding of making textures and meshes, and am happy to learn more in this field if you want the help. As I said, I love Tolkien lore, so I think I should be able to help in this regard. If you want someone more experienced in this field however, then I may not be the best. As I said, however, if you are short on people, I am happy to learn and be flexible in regards to the jobs you give me.

I would be very excited to join with such a project.


1. Contact Information: MSN Messenger and/or Email Address:

2. Modding Related Skills : What programs are you familiar with using and how much experience do you have with them? Can you code text files? Can you create concept drawings? Elaborate, what kinds of text files can you edit? Etc...: I create concept drawings (plus I can use a scanner to send them to you :)) I am fluent in C, C++ and Python if you are doing some programming externally. I am learning how to use the Oblivion Construction Set, but rapidly.

3. Post a sample of your work: All things I have done until now have been personally motivated. I can send you some mp3 links to the piano suite I made for the Fellowship of the Ring movie (used Official music, but indicates I can compose]. Most of everything I do is currently in .mid format, so if you want scores I can make links for those too. Writing quests, the only thing I did officially was a map for the original Empire Earth, so if you have that, I can send you the map I made. And I am a strong English student specialising in play-writing, about to finish school, so I have a strong vocabulary and write great dialogue (can't afford to be modest in an application)

4. Lord of the Rings Knowledge: Even if you cannot texture or model, being a knowledgeable LOTR expert can make you an eligable designer. Note that LOTR knowledge will be very helpful in any position on the mod but is not required.: Read all the books, and seen the movies. Have listened to all soundtracks, and have an intricate knowledge of the themes (which I can transmute in a way that frees you from copyright but still enables you to keep that LOTR feel). Read (and throughly enjoyed) the Silmarillion.

5. Why you want to join MERP-TC: What are your reasons for joining the team? Do you want a LOTR universe in the Oblivion engine? Or do you just enjoy modding? Etc....: I have spent too much time doing stuff for personal enjoyment and really want to use my skills in a project that will be seen by others and enjoyed by people other than me. And this project looks to be a truely exciting one.

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Jun 7 2011 Anchor

Hey Leopold - I;m the lead composer for the project - can you send me some music samples at

Jun 11 2011 Anchor

Sure, did you want orchestral or piano?

Sorry about late reply, I was expecting an email, I'll be sure to check the forums more often.

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Jun 17 2011 Anchor

hi LeopoldCrank,

I think you should post your application in our dev forum ( ) because we manage all applications there.



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